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Project profile: Support to Mine Action Program for Afghanistan (2008-2012)

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Basic Information

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2008-10-23 — 2014-03-31



This project represents CIDA’s support to the Mine Action Program for Afghanistan (MAPA) for 2008 to 2013. MAPA is managed by the United Nations Mine Action Service. It supports the Government of Afghanistan in its efforts to make Afghanistan free of mines and other explosive remnants of war. Clearing mines not only reduces the number of injuries and casualties suffered by Afghans, it also brings a substantial increase in socio-economic benefits for communities. It frees land for agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry, for example, and makes it easier for Afghans to access markets.

MAPA’s activities include surveying land, clearing mines and other explosive remnants of war, assisting mine victims, and delivering mine risk education to reduce injuries and casualties caused by mines. MAPA is responsible for maintaining standards and developing accreditation methods for mine action activities in Afghanistan. It also aims to strengthen the ability of Afghan authorities to manage mine action, enabling the Government of Afghanistan to take ownership of mine action in Afghanistan.


Peace and security
  • Removal of land mines and explosive remnants of war (015250): 100%


Expected Results

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Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved by the United Nations Mine Action Service with the support of the Government of Canada and other international donors, from 2008 to end of March 2014, include: (i) releasing over 885 square kilometres of landmines and other explosive remnants of war across Afghanistan, including destroying 226,340 anti-personnel mines, 6,768 anti-tank mines, and over seven million other explosive remnants of war; (ii) declaring 1,696 communities nationwide free of all known mines and other explosive remnants of war; and (iii) providing mine risk education to over six million women, girls, men and boys throughout Afghanistan. In addition, Afghanistan’s Parliament passed a National Disability Law that addresses issues affecting mine survivors. These results have contributed to reducing the number of landmine victims by 60% since 2006, and improving socio-economic opportunities for people and communities all over Afghanistan.

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