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Project profile: Paramedic Training Support

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Basic Information

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Consortium : Groupe Consultation CCISD (GCC) et MIR Partenariats et développement international
Start — End:
2005-08-08 — 2011-07-22



This project is part of the Health and Social Development Program (PRODESS). The project aims to establish a training mechanism for paramedics and thus to improve the quality of their services to the community. This project involves the Institut national de formation en sciences de la santé (INFSS).


Improving health
  • Basic health care (012220): 100%


Expected Results

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Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved at the end of the project in May 2010 include the following. The National Health Sciences Training Institute (INFSS) has adequate buildings and facilities. Its library is operational and better stocked with books and other works. Of the INFSS’s 18 study programs, 7 have been revised using the skills-based approach. The first cohort using this approach graduated in 2009. This cohort included 7 men in radiological technology and 14 people in health and sanitation technology (2 women and 12 men). The proportion of women students rose from 35,2 percent in 2005 (out of 750 students) to 48 percent in 2009 (out of 1,298 students). Finally, 115 women received their degree in 2009, in the INFSS’s 18 streams, or 42 percent of graduates.

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Contracts, Grants and Contributions

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GESTION DE PROJET LB INC.2006-02-24Contract
EDS INTER2008-10-28Contract