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Project profile: Water and Sanitation Capacity Building

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Basic Information

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2000-08-02 — 2010-09-30



The goal of the project is to improve health and living conditions in selected communities of Peru by strengthening the capacity of municipal authorities to provide water and sanitation services and by improving water and sanitation infrastructure. The project helps to strengthen the municipalities' capacity to design, operate and maintain infrastructure, as well as strengthening their administrative capacities. The capacity building is achieved through a mix of training, coaching and learning-by-doing while implementing water and sanitation projects. The project also contributes to rebuilding and rehabilitating key components of the water and sanitation infrastructure in the city of Ica following the August 2007 earthquake in Peru.


Improving health
  • Basic drinking water supply (014031): 15%
  • Basic sanitation (014032): 15%
  • Education and training in water supply and sanitation (014081): 15%
  • Sanitation - large systems (014022): 12.5%
  • Water supply - large systems (014021): 12.5%
  • Water sector policy and administrative management (014010): 30%


Expected Results

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Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved as of the end of the project: The project provided technical assistance to the municipal water authority and to the regional government as they prepared and submitted technical documentation to Peru’s National System for Public Investment (SNIP) for the expansion and improvement of the city’s waste water treatment plant and a new gravity-fed drinking water supply for the city, which is located on the coast. Additionally, stakeholders, municipalities, water sector actors and large numbers of the general population of Ica developed improved awareness of the water supply and waste water treatment projects as a result of the widespread and regular coverage in local media, coordination meetings convened with local stakeholders and several large town hall meetings organized by WUSC, Project local partners and the UNDP Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Coordination Office in Ica.

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