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Project profile: Food Aid in Sri Lanka - WFP 2007

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Basic Information

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2007-03-02 — 2008-12-31



Since July 2006, the political and security situation in Sri Lanka has deteriorated. The conflict has seriously affected the food security and humanitarian situation of the civilian population.

CIDA's contribution is used to help the World Food Programme (WFP) protect the food security of vulnerable populations in conflict-affected areas, where displacement, isolation and deteriorating security situations remain key challenges. Activities include general food distribution to provide immediate relief and life-saving assistance; community-based food for work and food for training activities that concentrate on vocational skills for affected households, especially those headed by women; mother and child health and nutrition programmes; and the distribution of school meals and take-home rations for poor children to help improve primary school enrollment and attendance. This operation is expected to reach over 849,000 beneficiaries.


Emergency assistance
  • Emergency food aid (072040): 100%


Expected Results

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Contracts, Grants and Contributions

Recipient NameDateType
World Food Programme (WFP)2007-03-02Grant