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Project profile: Public Service Reform

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Basic Information

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2008-10-14 — 2011-03-31



The Kenya Governance Support Program aims to strengthen non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and oversight organizations to demand more accountability, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency from government institutions. The program also seeks to enhance the ability of government institutions to respond to these demands through improved service delivery and sound financial management. It does this through three components: 1) Democratic Governance , 2) Public Service Reform and 3) Public Financial Management Reform.

This project supports the second component by sharing new management tools with the Kenyan public service; assisting in the development of transparent, merit-based systems; conducting training; creating anti-corruption teams in government ministries; and facilitating the involvement of the private sector, unions and civil society.


Democratic governance
  • Public sector policy and administrative management (015110): 100%


Expected Results

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Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved as of the end of the project (June 2012) include: The Public Service Reform (PSR) program has helped to support critical reforms related to the Constitution passed in 2010. These reforms include developing a new Public Sector Transformation Strategy; holding a National Constitutional Implementation Conference to prioritize key reforms; and introducing performance contracts that hold all ministries to measurable targets. Performance contracts are being put in place at the local level and over 8,200 officers have received training, including provincial and district managers. The PSR program has identified ways to improve local service delivery and county planning. For example, the time it takes to issue National Identify Cards was reduced from 40 days to seven days and the Ministry of Immigration has made all its key forms available on its website.

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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)2008-10-13Grant