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Project profile: Water, Sanitation and Nutrition in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Action Against Hunger 2011

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2011-03-25 — 2012-02-29



31 December 2010 - In north and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), clashes between armed forces, rebel groups and various militias continue to wreak severe harm on civilians, who are routinely caught in the frontlines of confrontations. The result is extensive humanitarian needs and limited to nonexistent prospects for recovery and development. North Kivu, South Kivu and Orientale Province continue to be plagued by serious human rights violations, food insecurity, high mortality and morbidity rates, horrific sexual violence and considerable and ongoing displacement of population groups. Continued population displacements are straining hosting communities, themselves having limited resources and lacking the most basic services, including health and medical care and safe water infrastructure.

With CIDA support, Action Against Hunger (ACF) is helping to improve access to safe water and sanitation infrastructures, as well as treating and preventing cases of acute malnutrition for conflict-affected populations in North and South Kivu, DRC. Activities focus on: rehabilitating water supply systems and water points; constructing latrines in areas hosting displaced populations; conducting training and capacity building on case management of acute malnutrition in nutrition centres; and, screening for, and facilitating the treatment of, acute malnutrition at the community-level and in health centres.


Emergency assistance
  • Material relief assistance and services (072010): 100%


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Action Against Hunger2011-03-25Grant