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Project profile: Emergency Medical Care in Chad - Doctors Without Borders Canada 2009

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Basic Information

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2009-03-25 — 2010-04-30



Direct and indirect hostilities between the Chadian government and various local rebel groups, the Chadian government and Sudan, and the Sudanese government and rebel groups in Darfur, have lead to a grave humanitarian crisis in the already desolate region of eastern Chad. An estimated 260,000 Sudanese refugees, displaced by the conflict in Darfur, and 185,000 Chadians, displaced by the fighting in their own country, now reside in camps in eastern Chad, putting intense pressure on a host-community of approximately 700,000 people. The resulting strain on local resources, including food, water, grazing land, and fuel sources, has led to an increased risk of life-threatening disease and malnutrition for all three populations.

With CIDA support, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is providing access to life-saving emergency medical care to conflict-affected populations in eastern Chad. In order to help strengthen local medical care capacity, MSF is maintaining a permanent presence in support of one hospital, one health centre, as well as temporary fixed or mobile health clinics, as needed.


Emergency assistance
  • Material relief assistance and services (072010): 100%


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Doctors Without Borders2009-03-25Grant