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Project profile: International Organization of La Francophonie - Institutional Support 2010-2011

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This grant represents Canada's institutional support to the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF). The OIF uses these funds, along with other donors funding, to achieve its mandate.

OIF's mandate is to establish and develop democracy, prevent conflicts, support the rule of law and human rights, further dialogue among cultures and civilizations, bring people closer together through mutual understanding, and strengthen solidarity through multilateral cooperation to promote the growth of their economies.

Canada's support helps to: (1) promote the French language and cultural and linguistic diversity; (2) promote peace, democracy, and human rights; (3) support education, training, and research; and (4) strengthen cooperation for sustainable development and solidarity.


Democratic governance
  • Public sector policy and administrative management (015110): 25.63%
Private sector development
  • Communications policy and administrative management (022010): 10.63%
  • Business support services and institutions (025010): 10.62%
  • Trade policy and administrative management (033110): 10.62%
  • Employment policy and administrative management (016020): 5.63%
Strengthening basic education
  • Education policy and administrative management (011110): 25.63%
  • Environmental policy and administrative management (041010): 5.62%
  • Energy education/training (023181): 5.62%


Expected Results

This is a new feature, part of CIDA's efforts towards increasing transparency. Information will only be available for projects approved after October 15, 2011. For other projects, information on expected results is usually included in the description.

Progress and Results Achieved

Results achieved as of 2011 include: the OIF contributed to the return of the constitutional order in Guinea and Niger; the national sustainable development strategies of Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and Saint Lucia were produced and validated during the peer review organized by the OIF; 564 teachers from Burundi and 516 teachers from Benin passed their final exams after receiving in class and distance teacher training; and access to reading and cultural activities for rural Francophone populations was improved, due to availability of 225 centres for reading and cultural activities, which have 206,000 members.

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Organisation internationale de la Francophonie2010-03-26Grant