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International development projects in Ukraine

International development projects in Ukraine

CIDA disbursements in Ukraine: 2011-2012

Total: $25.26 million
A woman picks fruits in Simferopol, Ukraine. © acdi-cida/Carol Hart


Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe, with a population of more than 45 million, has close and longstanding ties to Canada.

Between 2000 and 2007, Ukraine enjoyed strong economic growth, averaging 7.5 percent annually. The country is now considered a fully functioning market economy, having privatized its land and assets and become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). However, the global economic crisis in 2008 hit Ukraine harder than most other east European countries due to its dependency on steel and iron ore industries, as well as its vulnerabilities in its financial and banking sectors.

Ukraine has outlined its priorities for development, setting out an extensive plan for reform in such areas as:

  • Rule of law and government effectiveness.
  • Trade and investment.
  • Taxation and public finances.
  • Laws and standards.

Poverty reduction remains among Ukraine's top development priorities. The government recognizes that to reduce poverty means improving the business-enabling environment and increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian firms. The economic downturn underlined further the need to diversify the economy and stimulate productivity and innovation in key sectors, including agriculture.

Thematic Focus

In 2009, as part of Canada's new aid effectiveness agenda, Ukraine was selected as a country of focus for international development.

The goal of Canada's international development program in Ukraine is to improve economic opportunities for Ukrainians in a strengthened democracy. Canada worked with Ukraine to establish a central voter registry to improve election laws. An independent judiciary and active opposition are vital components of an effective democracy and Canada will continue to support Ukrainian efforts towards a free, democratic and prosperous society.

Canada is working with the Government of Ukraine to assist with the reforms needed to realize the country's full economic potential and build a sound public institutional and legal environment for closer integration with Europe.

Economic growth

Canada supports efforts to improve the business-enabling environment, restore confidence in financial institutions, and increase the competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises by diversifying skills and increasing access to credit. Canada also supports economic growth through interventions aimed at strengthening public institutions built on the rule of law and accountability. Increased attention will be paid to judicial and civil service reforms and local governance, as well as commercial and other courts involved in resolving commercial and business-related matters.

Key anticipated results

  • More people with access to local economic development services.
  • More inspections of businesses using a risk-management approach incorporating such aspects as taxation, fire safety, and sanitary and veterinary conditions.

Food security

Canada supports efforts to increase food security, placing an emphasis on sustainable agricultural programs and thereby adding to Ukraine's already strong position to contribute to redressing the global food security crisis. Canada's involvement in agriculture is strongly encouraged by the Ukrainian government as a means to address rural poverty, particularly since there are few donors working in that area. Attention will be given to increasing net exports of grains and select commodities while promoting the use of environmentally friendly practices and norms.

Key anticipated results

  • Increased production by smaller farms and farmers able to sell their products to a wider market.
  • More competitive owners of family dairy farms leading to an increase in milk production and greater access to global markets.

Progress on Aid Effectiveness

Canada is the fourth largest bilateral donor in Ukraine. Canada will continue to build Ukraine's capacity to engage in donor coordination by encouraging joint monitoring of projects and playing an active role in several donor working groups.

Canada has developed a reputation as a trusted partner in governance and private sector development and has become a leader in building capacity and transferring best practices, which are now being emulated by other donors.

Achievements 2011-2012

Economic growth

  • Trained 600 civil servants and others in strategic planning, project management and alternative financing for regional economic development.
  • Improved the business environment by streamlining and simplifying burdensome administrative and regulatory procedures, and increasing the accountability and effectiveness of public institutions.
  • Helped the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria provide HIV/AIDS treatment to 5,300 people, and detect and treat 10,000 cases of tuberculosis between 2002 and 2012.

Food security

  • Increased horticultural production to 10,000 tonnes of produce worth $8 million.
  • Provided technical assistance to 3,390 dairy farmers, resulting in increased milk yields, better milk quality, and increased profits.
  • Supported co-ops that helped 5,421 smallholder farmers increase their competitiveness through the cultivation of higher-value crops, increasing farmers' income by 60 percent since 2009.


  • Improved the rule of law through reforms to the judicial system, and strengthened democratic institutions for free and fair elections.
  • Piloted youth justice programs, including youth crime prevention, specialized court processes for young offenders, and a rehabilitation program for young people.

Achievements 2010-2011

Economic growth

  • Helped reduce regulatory red tape, resulting in $24 million in annual cost savings to the private sector since 2009-2010.
  • Support in reducing the time and cost of business regulatory compliance requirements has improved or cancelled 60 inspections procedures since 2009-2010, exceeding the target of 50.
  • Established a leadership program for Ukrainian civil servants in 2010-2011, reaching 150 senior officials out of 600.

Food security

  • Increased the number of small-scale farmers receiving technical assistance to improve crop income by 2,010 over 2009-2010, resulting in more than 3,300 beneficiaries.
  • Helped 495 small scale farmers access credit to improve their operations-an increase of 46 percent in 2009-2010.
  • Helped increase the volume of greenhouse vegetables and table grapes sold by farm groups by 90 percent in 2009-2010.
  • Helped increase cow milk production in the summer by 35 percent in 2009-2010.

Achievements 2009-2010

Economic growth

  • Helped streamline Ukraine's business administrative and regulatory procedures, resulting in the enactment of 11 pieces of legislation, including amendments to the laws on licensing and permits.
  • Supported the revival of the credit union movement in Ukraine, affecting 1.5 million members from 325 credit unions; helped reduce poverty, increase employment, and encourage new ways of generating income.

Food security

  • Contributed to making Ukrainian grain products more marketable; as a result, 20 state bread inspection laboratories were able to attain ISO/17025 accreditation for proficiency testing.
  • Helped establish 17 agricultural extension service offices, and trained 40,000 professionals, community leaders, and farmers in best practices related to agricultural and rural development, increasing the profits of the 79 percent of farmers involved.
  • Helped more than 500 farms introduce new crop varieties, and assisted more than 300 farms to introduce intensive production technologies for cereals, pulses and vegetables.

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