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Sustainable Economic Growth: A success story from Ukraine

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Since CIDA joined forces with the SBEDIF Small Business Centre, over 500 business people have been trained, 80 companies started, and 2000 jobs created.

[Kati Csaba, Head of Aid, Canadian Embassy in Ukraine] "CIDA's involved in a wide range of projects. We've worked in many sectors over the years although we've seen a lot of focus over the last few years as we build a new strategy and as we move on getting more focus in two key areas in particular. We're working on sustainable economic growth through a range of projects and also on food security. Ukraine is in the fortunate position of being a contributor to food security around the world because of it's excellent agricultural resources so we're doing our best to support them in that effort."

[Anatoliy Furda, Assistant Manager, SBEDIF Business Centre] "In terms of what support CIDA provided—of course consultancy and expertise in several core areas for development of services which we provide here. First of all, the technology and methodology of organizing support to development of small business. At the time after Ukrainian independence, of course there was no experience and no capacity in Ukraine for support to small business development and entrepreneurship."

Between 1996 and 2008, staff of the SBEDIF BusinessCentre and its partner organizations received training as part of two CIDA-funded projects in Ukraine.

During this time, more than 100 trainees also came to Canada to learn first-hand how a successful small business should be run.

[Anatoliy Furda, Assistant Manager, SBEDIF Business Centre] "Within 13 or 14 years we have trained over 500 people in support to business development, in small business consultancy, in business training. Then training programmes in strategic planning for economic development, curriculum design principles, methodology of teaching languages—communicative language teaching—community development techniques and NGO management fund raising. The very important skills which we obtained is to contribute to our sustainability and one of the many programs which we deliver is the small business loan fund which is governed by the loan committee, a volunteer board which acts similar to a board of directors in such organisations as community development corporations in Canada.

The representatives of the city council of the oblast (regional) administration, of the business community and financial institutions, sit on this committee and make decisions on each loan application and approve or reject the application depending on whether it meets the criteria. The main criteria are of course priorities for the economic development of our city and our region. In that loan fund we provide loans to businesses who create production. Businesses that create jobs. And over those 13 years we have created over 80 new companies as a result of this loan fund and almost 2000 jobs."

In Ukraine, 43 % of all private sector jobs are created by small-sized enterprises and sole proprietors.

CIDA is committed to: building economic foundations by strengthening public financial management systems and regulatory frameworks; growing businesses including those owned by women by increasing access to credit and other financial services; and investing in people by providing demand-driven skills training.