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Education in Afghanistan

A student writing on a blackboard. © Sandra Calligaro/Aga Khan Foundation
Small schools are opening in neighbourhoods across Afghanistan, providing a safe space to learn, especially for girls.

Twelve-year-old Ara lives in a remote community in Afghanistan. Until recently, she did not go to school because the closest school to her house was five kilometres away. Even if she could walk the distance each day, her parents would not allow it because it is too dangerous.

To help give children like Ara an opportunity to learn, Canada, the Government of Afghanistan, and partners such as UNICEF, BRAC (Bangladesh Rehabilitation Advancement Committee), and Save the Children International, support community-based schools for students to attend. These schools are set up in places such as homes, mosques, and other community spaces, making it possible for thousands of children to receive an education without having to travel far from home.