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Global food security: One of Canada's development priority themes

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Today, 1 person in 8 around the world will go to bed hungry.

That person may have been going hungry for months, for years, or even since childhood.

How does that affect that person?

  • Lack of energy
  • Stunted growth
  • Difficulty functioning at school or at work

Increasing health problems:

  • blindness (from lack of vitamin A)
  • brain damage in children (from lack of iodine or iron)
  • miscarriages (from lack of zinc)

That person is caught in the spiral of poverty.

Hunger affects nearly 900 million people worldwide—mostly women and children.


  • Lack of money to buy nutritious food
  • Lack of variety in the markets
  • Lack of food availability between crops
  • Lack of land and modern equipment for farmers

These conditions can change in developing countries.

That is why CIDA strives to provide the most destitute with food security

  • by supporting micronutrient supplementation for children
  • by helping women farmers become more autonomous
  • by improving market accessibility for farmers
  • by fostering sustainable agriculture
  • by helping countries prevent food crises
    • research and development
    • funding
    • food distribution

With food security, people enjoy greater health, learn better, are more productive, and can assert their rights.

Food security means having year-round access to quality, healthful and nutritious food.

Increasing food security in developing countries is a CIDA priority theme.