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Improving Maternal, Newborn and Child Health: Support to Health Care Centres in Tanzania

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According to the World Health Organization, 500,000 women die each year from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and 9 million children die before the age of 5.

Tanzania, access to health care can be difficult. For almost 90 per cent of the population, the closest health care facility is 10 kilometres away. Without proper care, pregnant women and young children are highly vulnerable.

In this room where I'm standing, there is a mother who delivered yesterday night in the way to the hospital.

What we need is that the mother gets quality care during pregnancy, during delivery and after delivery.

This lady has delivered on the way — this is not nice.

In fact she could have delivered at the center so that she can get acompaniment services during delivery.

Through the health sector common fund, Canada is helping to make health care more accessible to mothers and children:

  • assistance with childbirth
  • immunization of infants
  • monitoring of growth
  • obstetric care
  • health education
  • treatment of common ailments such as anaemia

I came for ante-natal services for three times at this clinic.

I got your services as far as my pregnancy was concerned.

I received drugs when I was sick, also tablets for preventing the anemia

Until the date when I was started the labour pains, I was getting the quality services from the clinic.

I delivered safely, there was not any problem.

This is how CIDA is supporting Tanzania's efforts to reduce mortality among mothers and young children.

Protecting their health brings hope.

Two of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals are improved maternal health and reduced mortality among children under 5 by 2015.

Canada's primary development priority at the 2010 G8 Summit is maternal and child health.