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Giving a special chance to those with special needs in education

Sumi Akler and Alamin Akler
Sumi Akler and Alamin Akler, both 14, attend the Algeekandra Para BRAC school in Narsingdi, Bangladesh.

With help from Canada, BRAC provides an education program in Bangladesh for marginalized groups, including the very poor, school dropouts, ethnic minorities, and children with special needs. BRAC has provided community services and quality education to the poorest of the poor, especially girls, since 1972. Internationally recognized for its success in education projects and with 97 percent of its students going on to secondary school, BRAC supports the Government of Bangladesh in reaching its goal of providing an education for all.

In 2004 some 9,600 children with special needs were enrolled in the program; by 2009 that number had grown to more than 26,000. That year, an astonishing 98 percent of eligible students had successfully completed Grade 5.