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Beneficiaries and stakeholders talk about the benefits of school feeding program funded by the World Food Programme of the United Nations and by CIDA.

Through CIDA, the Government of Canada is providing $20 million to co-fund the school feeding initiative of the World Food Programme (WFP). This initiative involves providing daily meals for about 400,000 schoolchildren in need. This program is in line with the Government of Haiti's Action Plan, and it has been approved by the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. The program is closely coordinated with Haiti's national school feeding program. The school feeding project also supports the local economy and farm families by procuring as much as 25 percent of their food (such as rice) from local producers.

This new Canadian initiative is funded by the $400 million in post-earthquake relief, recovery, and reconstruction that Canada has pledged for two years. Canada announced this funding at the International Donors' Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti, held in New York on March 31, 2010. The new measures are in line with the Government of Haiti's Action Plan for the Reconstruction and National Development of Haiti.

Project: Support to School Feeding Program

A woman and school children© ACDI-CIDA/Jean-François Leblanc
Magalie George

Magalie George, Principal of a school in Port-au-Prince:

"When children are hungry, they don't feel like playing, and don't perform as well in the classroom. When they eat, it's a very different story."

Parents prepare the meal at school. It consists of rice and lentils, a very nourishing national dish in Haiti. For some children, it is sometimes their only meal of the day."

"When school started again, classes were not full. A week later, however, word got around that children were fed at noon, and classes filled up. The neighbourhood is made up of small merchants, both women and men. It reassures parents to know that children will eat. It's an incentive to send children to school."

Myrta Kaulard, WFP representative in Haiti:

"WFP is very pleased with Canada's support for the school feeding program. Canada is one of the lead donors to the program in Haiti. Funding allocated to the WFP has enabled the school feeding program to provide more Haitian children with hot daily meals."

"At this school, and hundreds of other schools throughout Haiti, every child receives a nourishing daily meal. The WFP and its partners feed 1.1 million children every day."