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Multilateral Development Institutions

Canada is a strong believer in the value of the multilateral approach to solving problems and building consensus around common interests, including:

  • Socio-economic development
  • Humanitarian crises
  • Security issues

Multilateral institutions, such as UNICEF and the World Bank, among many others, are on the front line in the world's collective response to these problems.

The links between development, security, and human rights are especially important in developing countries at risk of conflict or collapse. In these countries, Canada takes a comprehensive approach through the efforts of its diplomats, aid workers, and defence personnel, who all collaborate closely with multilateral institutions.

Canada's commitment

Canada is a founding member of most of the multilateral institutions. It continues to play an important role on their governing boards. More than one third of Canada's official development assistance is channeled through multilateral institutions, amounting to approximately 4 percent of their funding. As a member of the governance structures of these institutions, Canada advocates policies such as:

Canada supports the development programs of multilateral institutions such as: