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Burma (Myanmar)

DFATD does not currently have a bilateral aid program in Burma. Canada's humanitarian assistance to Burma is based on need and provided in response to appeals from experienced humanitarian organizations. It is delivered through the United Nations system, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and non-governmental organizations. For instance, in 2008, Canada responded to the humanitarian disaster that struck Burma as a result of Cyclone Nargis by establishing the Burma Cyclone Relief Fund and providing $24.4 million in urgent humanitarian aid through United Nations and Red Cross agencies as well as experienced Canadian NGOs.

Since 1991 Canada has provided support to Burmese refugees and migrants by delivering assistance through organizations based in border countries. For example, the Burma Border Assistance Program: Building Social Capital is delivering basic services, including health care, shelter, and fuel to Burmese refugees living in camps in Thailand and displaced Burmese living mainly in Thailand, but also in border areas in China, India and Bangladesh.