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Parliamentary Secretary Lois Brown at a high-level Mali Donors' Conference

May 15, 2013
Brussels, Belgium

As a long-standing friend of Mali, Canada is committed to helping the people of Mali.

Last January, Canada responded to immediate needs with urgent, life-saving assistance.

We remain troubled by the situation in Mali and its potential impact on the stability of the Sahel region and beyond.

Canada's Minister of International Cooperation, Julian Fantino, has outlined the conditions under which we would reinstate direct assistance to the Government of Mali.

We encourage the interim government to hold legitimate elections as soon as is feasibly possible

We maintain hope for this outcome, as it is integral for the long-term security and prosperity of the Malian people.

In the interim, we continue our significant humanitarian and development work with our non-governmental partners.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Canada will invest seventy five million dollars ($75M) to help improve access to food health services and education.

This development assistance complements our ongoing, life-saving humanitarian support.

It also builds on our announcement earlier this week of ten million dollars ($10M) to:

  • support the African-led International Support Mission until a new United Nations mission can be set up,
  • help restore democratic institutions in advance of planned elections in July and preserve Mali's territorial integrity,
  • help the European Union-led training to help the Malian armed forces protect the basic rights of Malian civilians.

Canada will continue to play a leadership role in helping Malians build a more peaceful and prosperous country…

…A country where all citizens can share in the opportunities of greater stability and prosperity.

Thank you.