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Key Development Challenges

Women working on slopes that feature contour plowing.© ACDI-CIDA/Virginia Boyd
In the Tomohon area of Indonesia, where drought and soil erosion are a huge problem, farming is practiced by plowing across a slope following its elevation contour lines. The rows formed slow water run-off during rainstorms, reducing the loss of soil and allowing the water time to settle.

To improve the quality of life in developing countries, and within the framework of its aid effectiveness agenda, Canada has established priority and crosscutting themes to guide its international development work.

Poverty reduction is not just about a country's economic development. It is also about a complex set of challenges, such as a lack of access to nutritious food, clean water, adequate health care, and basic education. At times, these challenges are made even more difficult by conflict and environmental degradation. The key development challenges index provides information about these and other areas requiring international assistance.

Through their efforts to meet these key development challenges, world leaders are also working to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals by 2015.