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Community Education Officer - Literacy

Status: Filled
Organization: Douglas College
Type: Academic institution
Mandate: The goals of Douglas College are to: provide an environment that welcomes and responds to the multicultural and diverse nature of our society. provide an environment that encourages and celebrates individual initiative and responsibility. provide appropriate student services and education programs for students with a wide diversity of age, background, experience, interests and special needs.
Address: 700 Royal Avenue
New Westminster, British Columbia,
V3M 5Z5
FAX: (604) 527-5516
Please visit the website of the organization offering this internship to verify its application requirements prior to sending your resume.
Contact Person: Betty Mitchell
Country: Uganda
City: TBA
Sector: Strengthening basic education
Position Description:
Position Description:

  • Participate in daily activities at the local library, under supervision of the Site Supervisor.
  • Develop needs assessment to identify potential areas of program enhancement at the library, in collaboration with the current Site Supervisor.
  • Facilitate the development and completion of one sustainable project identified by Intern and Supervisor as being beneficial to the enhancement of the current library program.
  • Assess deliverable outcomes of the project and the impact on the library as well as the impact on the community members accessing services.
  • Complete and submit a final report including details of project development, deliverable outcomes achieved, impact of these outcomes, and future recommendations for internship projects related to UgCLA.
  • Develop culturally appropriate communication strategies.

  • Graduate of a relevant post-secondary professional or academic program
  • A pattern of courses, work, and volunteer experience that indicates a career goal in the library, social service or community education areas.
  • Experience in working in a library setting , or an information or resource centre
  • Ability to teach reading to children and adults
  • Knowledge of computing programs and the ability to provide instruction in basic computing
  • Advanced organizational, writing, and communication skills
  • Ability to work well independently and as part of a team
  • Initiative, maturity, self-responsibility
  • Knowledge of child development and the impact of poverty, HIV / AIDS, and other challenges facing people in developing countries
  • An understanding of the impact of literacy and education, on children, youth, and adults in developing countries.
Host Organization: The Uganda Community Library Association
Host Organization Details: