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Teaching Associate - Agriculture - Tanzania

Status: Filled
Organization: Atlantic Council for International Cooperation
Acronym: ACIC
Type: Non-Governmental Organization
Mandate: ACIC is a coalition of individuals, organizations, and institutions working in the Atlantic region, which are committed to achieving global sustainability in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity, and participation for all. ACIC supports its members in international cooperation and education through collective leadership, networking, information, training and coordination, and represents their interests when dealing with government and others.

ACIC also takes a leadership role in engaging Atlantic Canadians around issues relating to international development, global sustainability, and social justice. Through our public engagement work, ACIC strives to give Atlantic Canadians the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to become active global citizens.
Address: 2099 Gottingen Street - Suite 210
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
B3K 3B2
FAX: (902) 431-3216
Please visit the website of the organization offering this internship to verify its application requirements prior to sending your resume.
Contact Person: Carolyn Whiteway
Country: Tanzania
City: Kilosa
Sector: Supporting private sector development
Position Description: Project Description:

MATI-Ilonga has identified that their current staffing is insufficient to adequately address the needs of its students and community programming. The Teaching Associate in Agriculture will provide teaching assistance to the MATI-Ilonga teaching staff, including English language support, and support course development and delivery. Workshops, tutorials and assistance to teachers, as well co-teaching of courses as appropriate, will contribute to a higher quality of teaching and scholarly support for students, thus contributing to Ilonga's goal to maintain high educational standards and increase the employability of students.

Position Description:

In Canada:
· Participate in pre-departure orientation; gender training; environment training and other related sessions
· Become familiar with NSAC's resources on community-based entrepreneurship training
· Review resources and materials on NSAC's international development projects
· Develop tentative workplan including sequence of steps, required resources and goals for 6 months in Tanzania
· Compile required resources or guides for community-based outreach in the field of agriculture
· Develop sample training agendas for special topics in agriculture and present to NSAC supervisor/team
· Research technical and vocational education in agriculture in Tanzania, Competency Based Education and National Educational Strategies, goals and frameworks
· Develop and conduct a workshop in Truro on a related topic that would be relevant to a segment of the local community
· Attend relevant NSAC meetings and workshops as appropriate to the position
· Mini literature search on animal sciences and production in east Africa
· Organize and conduct a public engagement event or initiative in Truro area upon return to Canada

In Tanzania:
· Support MATI-Ilonga instructors in course development and delivery
· Teach or co-facilitate special topic workshops or courses related to Plant and Animal Science to Diploma and Certificate students and staff
· Teach or co-facilitate special topic workshops or courses using practical exercises
· Act as a teaching assistant to select MATI-Ilonga instructors
· Schedule, design and provide learning support and tutoring to MATI-Ilonga students in BSc related topics
· Conduct learning needs assessments for male and female staff and students in need of additional language or course content tutoring
· Provide English language support to MATI-Ilonga instructors
· Develop and conduct a pre-assessment tool to determine areas for contribution
· Undertake other teaching and community-related activities and trainings at MATI Ilonga
· Conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation of capacity building workshops
· Maintain an information log of activities and workplan for the next IYIP intern as relevant
· Maintain regular communications with NSAC IYIP coordinator

· University degree or college diploma, BSc (Agr) or related field
· Demonstrated experience teaching in a formal environment
· Experience teaching English as a second language would be considered an asset
· Experience as a teaching assistant in a formal environment
· Experience performing or undertaking hands-on labs or demonstrations
· Proven ability to MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2010 (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, and Office Groove)
· Knowledge of experiential learning and adult education principles
· Strong cross cultural skills and background in cross-cultural learning environments
· Familiarity with gender mainstreaming, environmental stewardship and/or entrepreneurship would be considered an asset
· Creativity, enthusiasm and a passion for learning
· Strong oral and written communication skills in English
· Fluency in a second language would be an asset

Application Deadline:
Recruitment is open until the position is filled.
Host Organization: MATI-Ilonga (Tanzanie / Tanzania) & Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture (Canada)
Host Organization Details: The Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI) llonga is a government-training institute under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Security. It is located about 10km North-East of Kilosa Town, Morogoro region. It was established is 1972, and currently offers a certificate in Agriculture and two diploma programs in Agriculture, Human Nutrition and Food Production. Graduates go on to work in both the public and private sectors. Short courses are offered to farmers, extension workers and other clients as well. There are approximately 43 staff (32m/11f) and 300 students per year who attend the Institute.

The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation’s member organization and Canadian hosting partner for these internships, the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture (Agricultural Campus- Truro), has implemented development projects in Africa in the Gambia, Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania for over 25 years. The Agricultural Campus (AC) provides technical expertise in the areas of curriculum development, competency-based learning, short-course development, agri-technologies, post-harvest management, gender, environment, entrepreneurship, labour-market analysis, project management and adult education. Specifically, the AC has worked in Tanzania with three partners since 2010. Over the course of their partnership with MATI-Ilonga more than 10 AC staff have facilitated training in Tanzania, with logistical support by MATI-Ilonga for many of these trainings.