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Research and Development Assistant

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : International Institute for Sustainable Development
Acronyme : IISD
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : IISD's vision is better living for all - sustainably. Its mission is to champion innovation, enabling societies to live sustainably. It contributes to sustainable development by advancing policy recommendations on climate change and energy, international trade and investment, economic instruments, measurement and indicators, and natural resource management. Its headquarters is in Winnipeg with offices in Ottawa, New York and Geneva.
Adresse : 161 Portage Ave. E - 6th floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
R3B 0Y4
FAX: (204) 958-7710
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Personne ressource : Carolee Buckler
Courriel : cbuckler@iisd.ca
Pays : Brésil
Ville : Florianopolis
Secteur : Promotion de la bonne gouvernance
Description du stage : Project Description:
Public information and knowledge platforms developed by Instituto Stela aim at transparency and extended democracy and sustainable development. Former projects, such as Plataforma Lattes, Portal Inovação, SIBEA, and Portal Sinaes were very successful in promoting democracy and development at the individual and governmental levels - in academic production, innovation, environmental education, and superior education, respectively. There is room for improvement, however, when it comes to collective production of knowledge. Wikis, blogs, and other resources for collective activity are little explored in those platforms. This project aims at establishing a framework for the conception, design, implementation, and management of collective resources in information and knowledge platforms. This framework should detail directions for requirements eliciting and analysis, as well as for creating indicators through which the platforms should be evaluated in respect of collective activity.

Overseas Job Description:
· Intern's tasks will include (but not be limited to):
· Background project research and literature searches and reviews;
· Participating in a worldwide benchmarking on e-government information and knowledge platforms;
· Helping draft scientific articles and presentations,
· Participation in project meetings and brainstorming sections;
· Commenting on project proposals related to e-government information and knowledge platforms.
· Assist in developing a framework for collective production in public knowledge and information platforms

· Backgrounds in computer science, engineering or information systems are highly desirable but not mandatory. Prior experience in portals and knowledge platforms development, and knowledge management would be very helpful. The main aspect is the intern willingness to work with the tasks outlined in item 5 (Specific Duties and Responsibilities of the Intern).
· Interest in Portuguese (can be a low level of proficiency in the language or the willingness to gain some proficiency in the language). The majority of our professionals have some level of proficiency in English but all of our work is carried out in Portuguese. We understand that a higher level of proficiency will probably be acquired in-work.
· We expect the intern to be committed to the duration of internship.
· We understand that these skills and experiences are very specific and it is possible that no intern matches all our expectation. If that is the case, someone who has an approximate profile or the willingness to work on these subjects will be of our interest
Organisation d'accueil : Instituto Stela
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