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Gender Development Coordinator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Youth Challenge International
Acronyme : YCI
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Youth Challenge International is a youth-focused NGO that equips developing country and Canadian youth with the skills to contribute positively to their communities and the communities they visit. We believe that truly effective aid must have an explicit youth focus – economic and social development outcomes cannot be improved without engaging in youth specific programming. As well, we believe that campaigns to engage the Canadian public in development will be far stronger with focused youth engagement. YCI is one of the premier youth development agencies in Canada with effective and innovative youth development programming, partnerships in developing countries and a strong program of engagement for Canadian youth.
Adresse : 20 Maud Street - Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario,
M5V 2M5
FAX: (416) 504-3376
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Personne ressource : Ryan Tucker
Courriel : humanresources@yci.org
Pays : Guatemala
Ville : Quetzaltenang
Secteur : Non affecté/Non spécifié
Description du stage : Project Description:
The program aims to foster socio-economic and gender equity through the empowerment and participation of indigenous Guatemalan Youth Women from rural communities of Quetzaltenango province. This program supports the mobilization of youth women groups through micro finance projects, gender workshops, family mentoring and support groups.

Overseas Job Description:
This intern will support the Rural Women's and Gender Development Program in:
· Planning and implementation of rural gender and leadership workshops.
· Supporting local conference activities.
· Supporting local committee mobilization activities.
· Providing logistical support for the family mentoring program.
· Provide technical support; capacity development processes; and training to the project
· Ensure community input is consistent with the parameters established by RJI, Mujeres de Ixchel and local community representatives.
· Lead documentation of project processes and outcomes.
· Write reports to facilitate the experience for future volunteers groups in Guatemala.
· Assist in development and / or refining of training materials for capacity building of volunteers as speakers.

Key Qualities:
· Essential IYIP/YES Requirements
· Strong spoken Spanish abilities
· Moderate written Spanish abilities
· Training and/or experience in gender equity programming.
· Knowledge of participatory program evaluation.
· Workshop facilitation skills/
· Basic report writing skills
· Strong cross cultural and communication skills
Organisation d'accueil : Mújeres de Ixchel
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil :