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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Saint Mary's University
Acronyme : SMU
Type : Établissement d'enseignement
Mandat : Saint Mary's University is dedicated to public accessibility and regional, national, and international outreach. As a comprehensive, predominantly undergraduate institution located in a major metropolitan area, Saint Mary's offers an undergraduate liberal education in arts and sciences; professional programs in commerce, criminology, education, and engineering; and select graduate programmes. Within its own governance structure, the University is committed to accountability and transparency.
Adresse : Saint Mary's University
International Activities Office
923 Robie Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
B3H 3C3
FAX: (902) 420-5530
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Personne ressource : Heidi Taylor
Courriel : international.intern@smu.ca
Pays : Ghana
Ville : Accra
Secteur : Gouvernement et société civile
Description du stage : The Health Foundation of Ghana runs two programs: Problem Solving for Better Health (PSBH) and Buruli Ulcer Control. Stakeholders include officials of district health authorities, regional health authorities and other relevant government agencies as well as the business community and other NGOs in Ghana.

PSBH is designed to educate and empower communities and groups to identify health and community problems and to take action. The strategy of the program is to train participants (particularly women) to formulate, plan, implement and evaluate their own solutions to self-identified problems, and to develop small-scale problem solving projects using local resources for the benefit of the wider community. While the focus is primarily health, the project development, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation skills gained by participants can be applied to community development. Key activities include PSBH workshops, follow-up workshops, and results-based project monitoring and evaluation.

The Burruli Ulcer Control program advocates treatment for youth suffering from a disfiguring skin ulcer. The program also works to reduce the traditional social stigma associated with the disease that often prevents those affected from seeking treatment. There is a current need to evaluate the impact of this program on target beneficiaries and to develop recommendations to move forward.

In Canada
For a period of at least one month prior to departure, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will be guided in researching the role of the host organization, developing a public engagement strategy, and acquiring basic knowledge of M&E in a results-based context. This preparatory phase includes a one-week intensive pre-departure training session delivered by Saint Mary's University. In addition, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will register for a session sponsored by CIDA through the Centre for Intercultural Learning.

Working under the direction of the Health Foundation of Ghana's Programs Coordinator, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will provide support for an evaluation of the impact of the PSBH and Burruli Ulcer Control programs on beneficiaries and other stakeholders. In this role the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will: systematically use monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to document key project indicators and outputs, assist project staff and partners to collect and coordinate the management of project data, and prepare an evaluation report with recommendations for the PSBH and Buruli Ulcer Control programs.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will also visit rural communities to assist the Program Coordinator in the identification of needs for project proposals and the planning and implementation of new projects.
Organisation d'accueil : The Health Foundation of Ghana
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Established in 1999, the Health Foundation of Ghana is an advocate for improved health delivery services in Ghana. It implements awareness programs and assists disadvantaged communities and groups to formulate their own innovative solutions to community issues. The Foundation's programs target energetic, committed community members, opinion leaders, traditional leaders, politicians, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and religious bodies. Thus the Health Foundation of Ghana plays a role in strengthening civil society by supporting public engagement, participatory decision-making processes, and management for results.