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Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Dalhousie University
Acronyme :
Type : Établissement d'enseignement
Mandat : Dalhousie University is a comprehensive, post-secondary educational institution with a broad mandate to serve Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada and the nation through activities that integrate research, scholarship, teaching and service. Founded as a non-denominational institution in 1818 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dalhousie is one of the country's leading teaching and research universities in Canada. Dalhousie is the largest university in Maritime Canada and provides over 15,800 students with a first-class university education in more than 180 undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. In addition to arts, social science, science, management and computer science degree programs, the university provides professional and specialized training in a variety of health professions, medicine, dentistry, architecture, engineering and law. Dalhousie is committed to the principle of internationalization and actively participates in many international activities. In 1987, Dalhousie established Lester Pearson International as the administrative arm responsible for overseeing the conduct and administration of all of the university's international projects. In addition, LPI also coordinates a development education program; disseminates international information; serves as the International Liaison Office (ILO) for the university; facilitates international agreements of cooperation; and hosts international officials.
Adresse : Henry Hicks AA Building, 3rd Floor
6299 South Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
B3H 4H6
FAX: (902) 494-1216
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Personne ressource : Joanne.Tortola
Courriel : joanne.tortola@dal.ca
Pays : Ouganda
Ville : Mbarara
Secteur : Santé
Description du stage : As a collaborative effort of the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine and Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine in Canada, and the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Uganda, "Strengthening Child Health in Rural Uganda" is a five-year project funded in March 2005 by CIDA through the UPCD Tier 2 program.

The project purpose is to respond to the urgent needs of children in rural Uganda, the project aims to improve health for approximately 20,000 children under five in three sub-districts in southwestern Uganda. Specifically, the community-integrated management of childhood illness will target lower rates of infant and child mortality, improved immunization and better nutrition through health education.

The project aims to promote child health using the integrated Managemenst of Childhood Illness (IMCI) Program. The project trains health centre trainers and Community Resource Persons (CORPs) - volunteer educators selected by their own villages. Currently there are 117 trained CORPs. CORPs train other mothers and caretakers in their villages and help when local children are sick. Together, CORPs encourage healthier communities. Seventy percent of CORPs are women and all have young children. Despite their many responsibilities outside the project, CORPs show strong dedication to better the health of the children in their communities.

In Canada
The Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator will work together with the IHO to strengthen the partnership with MUST and shared commitment to work on issues related to child health in rural Uganda.

In the initial Canadian portion of the internship the intern will be working with the IHO in Halifax, orienting to the project, including all of the partners, their mandates and past work done together. The intern will also participate in pre-departure training and skills-building. The intern will help prepare reports, assist with planning events and background materials for collaborative activities between Dalhousie University, University of Calgary and MUST.

The Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for "Strengthening child health in rural Uganda" project support activities in Mbarara Uganda including:

- coordination of CORPS volunteers micro-project activities (in collaboration with MUST staff)
- public engagement in Uganda: documenting community success stories related to the project
- information collection, interpretation, dissemination and reporting on project results, outputs, and indicators
Organisation d'accueil : Mbarara University of Science and Technology Faculty of Medicine
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : MUST is a public university and is charged with training Human resources for the country's development needs in the area of Health, Science education, Developmemt studies and applied technology. The Mandate of MUST faculty of
medicine is in training of human resource for health (medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory scientists).

MUST has been a partner organization with Dalhousie University & the University of Calgary's UPCD CIDA Tier 2 project entitled "Strengthening Child Health In Rural Uganda" since the project concept began to evolve in 2004, and a broad memoranda of agreement exists between the MUST & Dalhousie Faculties of Medicine and Faculty of Development Studies at MUST & Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Dalhousie.

MUST Faculty of Medicine is currently hosting a Canada Corps intern from Dalhousie, Ms. Ashley Struthers, a graduate student in International Development Studies.