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Capacity Building Support Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Commonwealth Games Association of Canada
Acronyme : CGC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The Mandate of the Commonwealth Games Canada is to strengthen sport within Canada and throughout the Commonwealth by participation in the Commonwealth Games and by using Sport as a development tool.
Adresse : 2255 Boul St-Laurent Blvd, Suite 120
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1G 4K3
FAX: (613) 244-6826
Veuillez visiter le site Internet de l'organisation offrant ce stage pour connaître ses exigences avant de lui envoyer votre curriculum vitae.
Personne ressource : Hannah Juneau
Courriel : hannah@commonwealthgames.ca
Pays : Lesotho
Ville : Maseru
Secteur : Concours fournis aux organisations non gouvernementales
Description du stage : Olympic Youth Ambassador Program (OYAP) is a youth volunteer program, which focuses on youth programs in sport. The program's objective is to empower youth through sport in order to facilitate a positive change in their communities. OYAP uses sport as a platform to address relevant social issues; poverty, drugs, alcohol etc., that affect the young people of Lesotho. The sub-components of the program include; Girls on the Move, Sports for Life, Mafube, Kicking AIDS Out! and Meraka. All the above mentioned activities use sport to educate the youth in different aspects of life including; life skills, HIV/AIDS education, gender equality and the importance of being both intellectually and physically fit.

In Canada
Prior to overseas departure the intern is responsible for the following:

- researching and self-briefing on the country where they are going;
- ensuring their passport is valid and has at least 6 months of validation remaining on it once back in Canada. If not, taking the neccessary steps to ensure that it is.
- receiving a physical examination and complete medical history from their family doctor. This includes filling any prescriptions required for when overseas.
- Bringing the following completed forms to orientation;

- Emergency Contact;
- Financial Information & Social Insurance;
- CIDA Participant Information;
- personal biography
- student loan interest relief (if applicable)
- Travel Waiver.

- completing the local media information form along with the media contacts form and submitting it to their hometown radio station, newspaper and television station to help create an awareness of this program.
- receiving a criminal reference check from the RCMP police department.
- applying for "continued health coverage" through their local provincial or territorial health office.
- Reading through the Foreign Affairs travel report on their respective country of internship.
- Registering with the "Registry of Canadians Abroad (ROCA)", and sending a printed copy of this on-line form to CGC;
- Appointing a family member or trusted relative Power of Attorney over their financial and legal affairs, while they are away;
- Introducing themself to their host organization and beginning the dialogue with their supervisor.
- Liaising with CGC in regards to Entry requirements (entry visa, letter or permit), if needed.
- Liaising with CGC to confirm travel itinerary.
- Attending in full, the three days of the Centre for Intercultural Learning (CIL) pre-departure training in Ottawa.
- Attending in full, the four days of Commonwealth Games Canada pre-departure training in Ottawa.
Some orientation sessions will consist of the following:
- leadership development;
- safety and security awareness
- sport and capacity building
- mutual expectations/professional duties

Worksing closely with the District Committess and CEO of OYAP, the intern is responsible for the following:

- Providing suggestions and guidance on the OYAP adminstration and accountability framework;
- Supporting the implementation of the OYAP programs; Girls on the Move, Sports for Life, Mafube, Kicking AIDS Out! and Meraka.
- Assisting in the strengthening and monitoring of OYAP's outreach program targetted at the districts of Mafeteng, Berea and Mohale's Hoek.
- Supporting the development of OYAP's second tier Outreach program focused on the remaining six districts of Lesotho.
- Supporting staff and volunteers with local capacity development through transferring of knowledge.
- Volunteer management and resource distribution.
Organisation d'accueil : Lesotho National Olympic Committee
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The Lesotho National Olympic Committee mandate is to ensure athletes participate in local and international games including the Olympic games and the commonwealth Games, development of coaches and athletes in order to ensure maximum impact in sport development in Lesotho, to develop athletes that can compete globally and to develop a healthy and relaxing leisure occupation to be continued in society life to ensure physical and mental fitness. The LNOC is thus a sports organization providing financial, administrative and technical assistance to Lesotho athletes, coaches, local sports associations and the sporting community in general.