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Community Development Facilitator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Christian Children’s Fund of Canada
Acronyme : CCFC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Vision: Striving as a worldwide team, we are creating a future of hope for children. We are renowned for our compassion for children of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.
Adresse : 1200 Denison Street
Markham, Ontario,
L3R 8G6
FAX: (905) 754-1002
Veuillez visiter le site Internet de l'organisation offrant ce stage pour connaître ses exigences avant de lui envoyer votre curriculum vitae.
Personne ressource : Kristen Feduck
Courriel : kfeduck@ccfcanada.ca
Pays : Éthiopie
Ville : Awassa
Secteur : Infrastructure et services sociaux divers
Description du stage : MANNA Child Sponsorship Family and Community Development Organization is the local partner for this internship. MANNA is a non-profit organization primarily aimed at supporting destitute children who have educational, health and nutritional problems, by improving the living conditions of their families and that of the deprived communities as a whole. Its mandate is to improve the health, safe water supply and nutritional status of its target communities. To this end, the program has provided an improved water system that pipes clean water to several community access points. Further, micro-credit programming enables community members to move towards self-sufficiency by starting simple, but solid businesses. The program provides training and encouragement to these new entrepreneurs and the added famiy income provides increased security for children. HIV/AIDS awareness raising campaigns are a more recent focus for the program and have proven to be extremely effective to date.

The intern's mandate will be to work closely with program staff, and community members in order to assist in the planning, implementation and monitoring of different development activities in the target community. Responsibilities will include the following:
- Enhance community participation in planning, implementation and monitoring of community programming.
- Collaborate with CCFC partner staff to ensure the proper resources and logistics are in place for effective implementation of community development activities.
- Facilitate community and resource mobilization endeavours.
- Offer training to local partner staff and community unions on participation in a variety of thematic areas.
- Conduct regular monitoring to follow up on implementation of program activities.
- Conduct socio-economic study and surveys to establish baseline and track progress of development activities.
Organisation d'accueil : KERARA
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Kerara is actively involved in all sectoral activities, directed at elimination of poverty and improvement of economical and financial status of families and communities. Kerara has currently one CCFC-supported program. Apart from child sponsorship activities, the program focuses on micro enterprise development projects and expansion of partnerships and active fundraising. The Partner is looking for an Intern who can contribute for the coordinated efforts on community development, proposal writing for fund raising, and can facilitate MED activities at community level.