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Agricultural Research Associate

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Mennonite Economic Development Associates
Acronyme : MEDA
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The mission of MEDA is to bring hope, opportunity and economic well being to low income people around the world through a business-oriented approach to development. In the developing world, we do this by offering affordable credit, together with marketing and business training, to low income entrepreneurs. MEDA's target group is the poorest of the economically active in the developing world.
Adresse : 155 Frobisher Drive, Suite I-106
Waterloo, Ontario,
N2V 2E1
FAX: (519) 725-9083
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Personne ressource : Jennifer Helmuth
Courriel : jhelmuth@meda.org
Pays : Pérou
Ville : Lima
Secteur : Agriculture
Description du stage : MEDA Peru works to strengthen the capacity of private sector providers to deliver needed, appropriate and sustainable agribusiness development services to small and micro farmers. The goal is to increase the incomes of subsistence farmers by integrating them into commercial markets for high value commodities. The intern will provide sub sector analysis for agricultural products.

In Canada
The intern will be required to participate in the pre-departure orientation session at MEDA and to give a presentation of their work to MEDA staff upon their return to Canada after the internship assignment is complete.

The goal of this internship will be to conduct sub sector analysis within the agricultural sub sector in Peru. The purpose of the research will be to prepare a needs analysis and document consumer demand and market barriers for a variety of agricultural products manufactured in this region. The work of this intern will lay the foundation for MEDA's understanding of where and how we can apply our expertise to the development of a viable agricultural market in Peru. The specific tasks for the intern will include:
-Review the work and research of previous CIDA interns, and conduct preliminary desk research where required to understand the current agricultural industry in Peru.
- Analyse results of this research and define specific target areas for further field research in coordination with MEDA Peru staff.
- Review and modify assessment tools (surveys, focus group discussions, interviews, etc) for more in-depth targeted field research, and form baseline indicators.
- Implement the research tools created. For example: conduct interviews with suppliers, producers, exporters, project staff, and other stakeholders to assess current practices and future needs in the agricultural industry.
- Process the data collected and analyze current prices, quality, and specialty products in the agricultural sector, and document recommendations for alternative interventions to support the agricultural industry.
- Prepare a report on these findings and include recommendations for next steps.
- Share reports and lessons learned with MEDA headquarters and modify research survey tools as part of the learning process.
Organisation d'accueil : MEDA Peru
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : MEDA Peru is associated directly with MEDA and MEDA's mandate and is operating several projects in agricultural and business development. MEDA Peru has been incorporated since 1999 and has hosted four CIDA interns since 2002.