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Community Education Development-HIV/AIDS Education

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Camosun College
Acronyme :
Type : Établissement d'enseignement
Mandat : Camosun College is committed to the process of global education by reaching out beyond the local community to create relationships worldwide. We recognize that our work in international education benefits our students and strengthens our college, our community, and our international partners. This commitment encompasses many elements, including the internationalization of curriculum and educational services, the increased intercultural awareness of staff, faculty and students, the continued development of institutional linkages, and the development of partnerships with colleges, institutes and universities in Canada and worldwide to develop and undertake projects in international educational development, particularly that which is participatory and community-based.
Adresse : Camosun College International
3100 Foul Bay Road
Victoria, British Columbia,
V8P 5J2
FAX: (250)  370-3689
Veuillez visiter le site Internet de l'organisation offrant ce stage pour connaître ses exigences avant de lui envoyer votre curriculum vitae.
Personne ressource : James Paulson
Courriel : internproject@camosun.bc.ca
Pays : Swaziland
Ville : Kabuta
Secteur : Éducation
Description du stage : The Sipho Mamba Orphan School in Kabuta currently provides primary education to 90 pupils, and also provides community education to assist local people to re-establish traditional crops and learn permaculture techniques so that a grandmother's small plot can feed several children. Through this model of community mobilization the school intends to help all the children in the community, not just to survive, but to turn the tide of the epidemic and see a new future for their country.

In Canada
The intern will perform the following tasks while in Canada:
- Promotion and marketing of the CIDA-IYIP Camosun College program in the community
- Participation in ongoing Camosun College International community development activities.
- Developing teaching and learning aids for community education activities in your host community.
- Developing your reporting and self-evaluation process for your internship
- Beginning your post-internship job search plan
- Liaising with your host organization for the achievement of locally determined internship results, and developing tools and resources to ensure that you achieve these results
- Investigating possible linkages between Canadian youth and your host organization through CIDA and other donor initiatives such as the Global Classrooms Initiative

The intern will assist the Mamba Orphan School in Kabuta with the implementation of non-formal HIV/AIDS education through community empowerment and development. This internship will be concerned with the development of community learning initiatives to enhance HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.
Tasks will include:
- Assist in the development of models for community learning
- Promotion of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention among local citizenry
- Provide administrative support in project implementation
Organisation d'accueil : The Ensingzini Orphan School
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The Ensingzini Orphan School was established in the late 1990s on the Mamba family homestead to provide care and education for the staggering number of HIV/AIDS orphans in the community of Kabuta. Shortly after retiring from Swaziland's diplomatic service, and as Swaziland’s minister of agriculture, Sipho Mamba returned to his hometown to discover over 400 AIDS orphans in his community, with only their grandmothers to care for them. Sipho turned the family homestead into a school for 90 of these children. In addition to care and primary education for the orphans, the Ensingzini centre is also mandated to assist local people to re-establish traditional crops and learn sustainable food growing techniques so that a grandmother's or other caregiver’s small yard can feed several children. The Ensingzini school has become a model of community mobilization in Swaziland as Sipho Mamba continues to explore new ways to help still more children, not just to survive, but to turn the tide of the epidemic and see a new future for their country.