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Urban Planner / Urban Development Specialist

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Institute of Planners / Institut Canadien des urbanistes
Acronyme : CIP
Type : Association professionelle
Mandat : The Canadian Institute of Planners represents and supports professional planners in Canada and is the national advocate for securing, as a benefit to all generations, the creation of healthy, sustainable and livable communities and natural environments through effective planning and the advancement of the planning profession.
Adresse : 116 Albert Street, Suite 801
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1P 5G3
FAX: (613) 237-7045
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Personne ressource : Michel Frojmovic
Courriel : international@cip-icu.ca
Pays : Vietnam
Ville : Hanoi
Secteur : Gouvernement et société civile
Description du stage : Information about the Development Project
The FCM Municipal Partnership Program (MPP) in Asia currently supports 4 Municipal
Partnerships between Canadian municipalities and Vietnamese local governments. Each
one of these municipal partnerships is at a different stage in its implementation. The
themes of the four partnerships are: 1) Census data collection and analysis for improved
municipal services delivery; 2) Tourism planning and development through public
participation; 3) Urban development and environmental protection; 4) Land-use
management and land taxation.

With the expert guidance of FCM and the ACVN, the Canadian and Vietnamese municipal
partners have identified issues, areas of cooperation, planned activities and expected
results for their municipal capacity building projects. Project activities include missions of
local municipal practitioners to Canada and Vietnam as well as support activities which may
include study tours or the participation of municipal practitioners in training.

Description of the Internship
In Canada
While the focus of the internship is on the overseas component, the intern usually spends
two or three weeks working from the FCM headquarters in Ottawa. The intern's time in
Ottawa will be devoted to introducing the intern to the work of FCM in Canada and
overseas, and to prepare the intern for the overseas assignment.
In-Canada activities will include pre-departure briefing and cultural orientation, review of
project documentation, final travel logistics and meetings with Canadian project team
members to discuss project activities and the overall approach to international
development. Where practical, meetings with former interns who have traveled to the
country under the Canadian Institute of Planners program will also be arranged.

The intern will be primarily responsible for assisting in the development, coordination,
delivery, and evaluation of project-related initiatives undertaken as part of FCM's portfolio of
activities in Vietnam.
Supported by the International Youth Internship Program of the Canadian International Development Agency

Internship duties
Specific Internship duties will include:
- Acting as a liaison between FCM and the ACVN on projects and project related
- Assisting FCM with the coordination and implementation of capacity-building activities
with the ACVN and Vietnamese municipal partners;
- Assisting the ACVN with the organization of project activities in Vietnam (i.e. study tours
and workshops);
- Accompanying Canadian delegations on missions in Vietnam as and when requested
by FCM;
- Supporting FCM and ACVN to undertake research on key urban development problems
facing Vietnamese cities
- Preparing the necessary reporting documentation for the development of local projects;
- Helping to monitor FCM projects in Vietnam with the ACVN and to prepare and provide
project reports as requested; and
- Maintaining a daily log of activities that will assist in the development of a final intern
project report.

FCM will provide important in-kind contributions to help the intern carry out his/her assigned
duties and to expand his/her exposure to the work of FCM with the aim of increasing his/her
professional development. FCM and ACVN officers will provide the intern with training
sessions on their institution's procedure, projects and systems.

The intern will be expected to work with minimal direct supervision, at times that are not
consistent with traditional working patterns, and in varying situations that will require sound
judgment and initiative.

Management and Reporting
The intern will be managed from Canada by Kristin Marinacci, Regional Coordinator, Asia,
FCM; and in Vietnam by Mr. Nguyen Lan, Secretary General, Association of Cities of
Vietnam (ACVN).
Organisation d'accueil : Association of Cities of Vietnam
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN) is the national association of city governments
in Vietnam. ACVN’s membership includes the main cities and towns throughout the
country. The mission of ACVN is to create a network for mutual support and exchange of
experiences in urban management and development contributing to the economic, cultural
and social development of Vietnamese cities. The Association facilitates co-operation
among members and plays an advocacy role towards the Government of Vietnam on
behalf of Vietnamese cities. In addition, ACVN develops inter-city programmes, facilitates
the exchange of knowledge and experiences on issues pertaining to urban development,
and organizes training courses on technical issues and political forums on national matters.

ACVN has been hosting CIP WorldLink interns since 2003. Since then, four young
Canadian Planners have been able to contribute to the work of ACVN and collaborate on
FCM’s capacity building activities in Vietnam. Based on the interns’ evaluation, feedback
from ACVN and FCM assessment of the experiences with the management of the
internship, FCM has found the ACVN