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Municipal Development Planner

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Institute of Planners / Institut Canadien des urbanistes
Acronyme : CIP
Type : Association professionelle
Mandat : The Canadian Institute of Planners represents and supports professional planners in Canada and is the national advocate for securing, as a benefit to all generations, the creation of healthy, sustainable and livable communities and natural environments through effective planning and the advancement of the planning profession.
Adresse : 116 Albert Street, Suite 801
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1P 5G3
FAX: (613) 237-7045
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Personne ressource : Michel Frojmovic
Courriel : international@cip-icu.ca
Pays : Mozambique
Ville : Maputo
Secteur : Gouvernement et société civile
Description du stage : The government of Mozambique is in the process of decentralization. As part of the decentralization process, the government has begun a "municipalization" process. Through this process, local authorities and municipalities have been slowly granted autonomy to act. However, there is very little municipal capacity and many local authorities are without the skills of a municipal planner. Through this internship, the planner will be placed with the association of local authorities to develop the strategy and guidelines of the municipal development plans. The intern would support and assist the municipalities in building the development plans. This may also include the support in developing tools and mechanisms for the implementation of the planning process.

In Canada
The focus of the internship is on the overseas component. In-Canada activities will include pre-departure briefing & cultural orientation, review of background project documentation, travel logistics and meetings with Canadian project team members to discuss project activities and the overall approach to international development. Where practical, meetings with former interns who have traveled to the country under the Canadian Institute of Planners program will also be arranged.

In Collaboration with ANAMM, the intern will:
- Review and compare all existing national guidelines, development plans and other plans that are in effect (transportation development plans, site-specific development plans, Particular Planning Programs, and residential development plans).
- Identify and review capacity needs of local authorities as stated in the ANAMM strategic plan and currently being developed by ANAMM;
- Assist in developing planning guidelines and produce a short guide of the processes;
- Collaborate on the creation of the framework of the development plan, in conformity with the National Guidelines;
- Support the association members in the development of their municipal plan;
- Time permitting, will develop tools for evaluation, monitoring and control of land use development (regular set of planning by-laws.
Organisation d'accueil : Associacao Nacional dos Municipios de Mocambique
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : ANAMM is the national association of local governments. The association is responsible, in conjunction with the Ministry of State Administration, for supporting and coordinating the development of municipalities in Mozambique. ANAMM is a new body that has been tasked to advocate for a process of strengthening municipalities in Mozambique and to ensure that local governments are able to deliver appropriate services to their communities. ANAMM was established in 2005 with the support of FCM with funds from the Canada Fund for Africa. This would be the first opportunity to host an internship and enable capacity building and support for the association. The association is a direct beneficiary and main partner of FCM's Africa programs.