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HIV/AIDS Program Assistant – Morogoro

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Youth Challenge International
Acronyme : YCI
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Youth Challenge International builds the skills, experience and confidence of young people to effect positive change in their communities. The spirit of youth involvement, volunteerism, international partnership, and capacity building is central to YCI. Youth have a critical role to play in contributing to international community development and YCI helps them to accomplish that. Every year YCI sends up to 200 Canadian youth to work with our partners in providing strategic long-term youth development programming that positively impacts over 10,000 developing country youth every year.
Adresse : 20 Maud Street, Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario,
M5V 2M5
FAX: (416) 504-3376
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Personne ressource : Country Programs Department
Courriel : humanresources@yci.org
Pays : Tanzanie
Ville : Morogorro
Secteur : Concours fournis aux organisations non gouvernementales
Description du stage : Faraja works with those most vulnerable and affected by HIV/AIDS through counseling, care and coping support, income generation activities and preventive health education. Home Care and Counseling, Youth and Orphan Support, Community and Peer Education, School Health, School Without Walls, Legal Aid and Human Rights, Women Neighbourhood Associations, and Out of School Youth. Youth Challenge International has been partnered with Faraja's for the past year.

In Canada
Prior to overseas departure this intern will receive 3-5 days of training at the YCI office in Toronto.

Upon the intern's return from their international post they will be required to implement and participate in a minimum of 5 speaking engagements to a total combined audience of at least 200 young Canadians. Presentations will be self-tailored but will include introductions to key development challenges in the host community, experiential highlights, information on CIDA internships, and key contributions of young Canadians to the global community.

This intern will assist Faraja in:

- Placing Canadian YCI volunteers
- Developing HIV/AIDS workshop materials and resources
- Documenting health case studies
- Assisting with program monitoring and evaluation excercises
Organisation d'accueil : Faraja Trust Fund
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Faraja works to alleviate suffering among the HIV/AIDS vulnerable people and affected individuals through counseling, care and coping support, income generation activities and preventive health education.