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Entrepreneurship Marketing Assistant

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Nova Scotia Community College
Acronyme : NSCC
Type : Établissement d'enseignement
Mandat : Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), the only English-language public college in Nova Scotia, consists of thirteen campuses at sixteen sites throughout the province. Academic and training programs are offered at NSCC through five academic schools: Access, Applied Arts and New Media, Business, Health and Human Services, and Trades and Technology. NSCC works closely with employers in the province, including community, business, industry, and government, to determine employment needs and develop appropriate relevant programming. Employers in Nova Scotia are demanding employees who possess global awareness, broad technological knowledge, and above-average skills in their occupational areas. Nova Scotia Community College is dedicated to developing and delivering programs that produce employable individuals who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competitive in occupational areas, and who possess good interpersonal skills, global awareness, and an appreciation for excellence. NSCC is involved in a variety of international activities. The mandate of the NSCC Centre for International Activities is the internationalization of Nova Scotia Community College. Implementation of the IYI Program enables the Centre for International Activities to fulfill its mandate.
Adresse : 5685 Leeds Street, PO Box 1153
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
B2J 2X1
FAX: (902) 491-1662
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Personne ressource : Zoran Kondali
Courriel : zoran.kondali@nscc.ca
Pays : Ghana
Ville : Tamale
Secteur : Entreprises et autres services
Description du stage : Tamale Polytechnic and the Developing Rural Entrepreneurs (DRE) project aim to promote entrepreneurship and provide training and support to existing and potential entrepreneurs. To complement these initiatives, this internship project aims to develop and assist in the implementation of an entrepreneurship marketing and public awareness campaign for the Northern Region of Ghana. The intent is to promote entrepreneurship to citizens in the North and generate interest and awareness of entrepreneurship as a viable option for personal empowerment, poverty alleviation and increased participation in the mainstream economy.
It will also be a priority to:
- Create a heightened awareness about entrepreneurship training opportunities, resources, initiatives, initiatives, service providers, services and success stories in the North.
- Identify local entrepreneurs and celebrate their success stories. The public needs local role models.
- Send a clear message that entrepreneurship is a viable option for both women and men.
- Nurture a broadened acceptance of entrepreneurship and enhance public support to foster an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to thrive in the North.

In Canada
The intern's responsibilities during the In-Canada portion of the internship will be as follows:

- gain a better understanding of the host organization and country, as well as of specific internship responsibilities
- in cooperation with the Project Coordinator evaluate and possibly redefine career goals
- establish direct contact with the host organization (introduction, discussion on relevant placement details)
- active participation in the mandatory pre-departure orientation program at Nova Scotia Community College, as well as in the orientation program organized by the Centre for Inter-cultural Learning
- active participation in the mandatory debriefing program

The intern will assist the staff of Tamale Polytechnic in the development and implementation of an entrepreneurship marketing and public awareness campaign for the Northern Region of Ghana. This is an action-oriented internship that will require extensive front line contact with local citizens to determine how to best introduce and promote entrepreneurship to them. It will require the initiative to take action in implementing the strategy.

Additional tasks may include:
- facilitating information sessions aimed at heightening local awareness of entrepreneurship;
- introducing entrepreneurship to youth in and out of the school system;
- analyzing and reporting on the response, impact and cost-benefits of selected strategies or activities;
- coordinating entrepreneurship events;
- developing print ads;
- scripting and coordinating radio interviews;
- writing local entrepreneurial success stories or features for local publication;
- drafting marketing and advertising strategies, materials and reports;
- other related duties as prescribed by the host office.
Organisation d'accueil : Tamale Polytechnic
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Tamale Polytechnic is mandated to provide applicable and practical technical, post secondary training in the Northern Region of Ghana in order to meet manpower needs of the region. It is also mandated to provide entrepreneurship training to all of its Higher National Diploma graduates.