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Youth Savings Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Co-operative Association
Acronyme : CCA
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : We are the co-operatives and credit unions of Canada, valued for fostering social and economic empowerment, and recognized for our unique response to community needs.
Adresse : 275 Bank Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario,
K2P 2L6
FAX: (613) 567-0658
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Personne ressource : John Julian
Courriel : interns@coopscanada.coop
Pays : Ghana
Ville : Accra
Secteur : Éducation
Description du stage : With the support of the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA), the Ghana Cooperative Credit Unions Association (CUA) has merged the HIV/AIDS Education Program and the Youth Savings Program for the period extending 2006-2008.The 2006-2008 HIV/AIDS Youth Program will comprise two components:
1.HIV/AIDS Education of youth and primary societies, with a specific focus on the transition away from basic awareness towards changing behaviour.
2.Youth Savings Clubs in secondary and tertiary schools throughout Ghana, working towards engaging an early savings habit in youth through small savings accounts at school.

In Canada
In Canada the intern will attend a pre-departure orientation.

The Youth Savings Officer will work in collaboration with CUA staff and the HIV/AIDS Education Officer to deliver the following components:
1.Organize the Annual Student Forum to provide on-going training for YSC and collect statistics on the clubs.
2.Organize annual general meetings for teacher supervisors
3.Assist in performing annual audits of savings clubs.
4.Close monitoring and additional training of new clubs
5.Continued monitoring and support of old clubs as they move towards self-sustainability
6.Conduct survey of past YSC graduates as they feed into the credit union model
7.Facilitate inter-regional communication and cooperation within the YSC network
Organisation d'accueil : Ghana Cooperative Credit Unions Association Limited
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : CUA is responsible for the promotion and development of credit unions in Ghana. CUA provides them with education and training, at all levels, along with insurance and central banking services. Other services include representing them both nationally and internationally, audit services, computer services, and the formulation of operational policies and performance standards to promote efficiency and quality credit unions. CUA is also involved in Gender and Development programs, Youth Savings Schemes, and HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs. CUA has since 1972 maintained regional offices in all ten regions and has a current workforce of fifty-eight.