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Environmental Protection Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Co-operative Association
Acronyme : CCA
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : We are the co-operatives and credit unions of Canada, valued for fostering social and economic empowerment, and recognized for our unique response to community needs.
Adresse : 275 Bank Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario,
K2P 2L6
FAX: (613) 567-0658
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Personne ressource : John Julian
Courriel : interns@coopscanada.coop
Pays : Ouganda
Ville : Kampala
Secteur : Destination plurisectorielle ou transversale
Description du stage : The project will strengthen the capacity of established co-operatives to contribute to improved food production and security in Uganda. UCA will provide access to training and inputs to participating co-operatives to support the production of maize, beans and rice. An additional part of the project involves sustainable use of natural resources including fish farming and tree planting.

In Canada
In Canada the intern will attend a pre-departure orientation.

Documentation of successful environmental protection initiatives in the existing co-operatives and other stakeholders for ease of replication; Participation in the identification of appropriate practices and tree species that may be demonstrated to farmer groups; Participate in the mobilization and co-ordination of tree planting initiative to achieve set targets for the year; Participate in UCA's on-going training and capacity building programmes on environmental protection with the existing farmer groups; Assist primary co-operatives incorporate sustainable usage of natural resources in their agenda; Assist primary co-operatives involved in tree planting to identify market outlets for their products. This internship will build on the excellent work done by a previous intern.
Organisation d'accueil : Uganda Co-operative Alliance
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : To provide representation, advocacy, education and training, resource mobilization, information and publicity and promotion for the cooperative societies both for primary and secondary members.