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Public Engagement Liaison Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Atlantic Council for International Cooperation
Acronyme : ACIC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC) is a unique coalition of Atlantic Canadian organizations and individuals working on, or having an interest in, international development and cooperation issues, working together to achieve sustainable global development in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity, and participation for all. ACIC supports its members in development and development education through collective leadership, networking, information, training and coordination, and represents their interests when dealing with government and others. We currently have 55 members, including national and grassroots organizations from across the Atlantic Provinces.
Adresse : 210-2099 Gottingen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
B3K 3B2
FAX: (902) 431-3216
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Personne ressource : Jessica Dubelaar
Courriel : projects@acic-caci.org
Pays : Honduras
Ville : Tegucigalpa
Secteur : Politique commerciale et réglementations
Description du stage : The project will involve a multifaceted community-based approach to global justice, placing emphasis on the intersection between economic, social and environmental approaches towards promoting sustainable and healthy communities in Canada and Honduras.

Overseas, the project will involve managing the overall logistics and coordination of the Friends of the Earth International Conference to be held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 2008. The assignment will depend on the close collaboration with Madre Tierra's Executive Director, Dr. Juan Almendares. By building networks and working in partnership with representatives from a variety of Honduran Environmental non-governmental organizations, the project aims to successfully oversee and administer a conference bringing together over a thousand participants from all over the world.

In Canada
The young professional will be involved with staff and executive committees and assist in the following ways:
- Network among ACIC members and other stakeholders and collaborate with like-minded organizations;
- Plan and coordinate International Development Week activities across the region to increase awareness and encourage action;
- Newsletter editing, layout, and publication; and
- Evaluate result of campaign and write recommendations for future work.

The overseas component of the internship will assist with the coordination and overall management of the conference. A key component of the intern's work will be concerned with the transfer of skills and in building capacity through the strengthening of a civil society organization. The intern will also support and assist with the implementation of established projects in relation to the improved food and water security, reforestation and the conservation of biodiversity in rural communities in Honduras.
This will be achieved through the following activities:
- Networking among environmental and community organizations;
- Collaborating with the above groups to develop the key logistical framework for the upcoming conference;
- Conducting community-based research into the impacts of biodiversity loss and the introduction of genetically modified crops (GMOs);
- Conducting outreach concerning deforestation issues in Honduras; and,
- Developing public education materials related to the above topics with local communities in different areas of Honduras.
Organisation d'accueil : Madre Tierra
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Madre Tierra is an affiliate of Friends of the Earth, Honduras. They are a multidisciplinary voluntary organization that works towards supporting the self-development and improvement of living conditions among marginalized communities in Honduras, focusing on aspects related to health, environment and human rights.