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Fair Trade Development Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : SalvAide Inc
Acronyme : SalvAide
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : SalvAide's mandate is to strengthen civil society, promote sustainable and diversified economic development and to be a catalyst for Canadian participation in the support of rural communities to meet their needs and priorities. Since 1985 SalvAide has funded such diverse projects as poultry farms, dairy herds, day cares, schools, community stores, medical clinics and legal aid clinics. SalvAide also funds human rights work and organizational development of Salvadorian non-governmental and popular organizations. In the context of Hurricane Mitch and, especially, the 2001 earthquakes, SalvAide has continued its reconstruction and rehabilitation campaign in the country, channeling Canadian public financial support to the victims. In Canada, SalvAide fosters lasting people-to-people ties between Canadian and Salvadorians with our Twin Community Program. At the moment, 14 communities in Canada are twinned with rural communities in El Salvador. SalvAide also organizes delegations to El Salvador and cross-country tours of Salvadorian community leaders.
Adresse : 219 Argyle Ave Suite 411
Ottawa, Ontario,
K2P 2H4
FAX: (613) 233-7375
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Personne ressource : Sue Brewer
Courriel : salvaide@web.net
Pays : El Salvador
Ville : San Salvador
Secteur : Entreprises et autres services
Description du stage : The objective of this internship is to work with CORDES and assist in the developing of international fair trade services. To provide cooperatives and small business with the tools they need to develop foreign markets. In addition, the intern will be working with both Canadian and Salvadorians cooperatives/companies to develop linkages for business partnerships. These activities will include market research, the identification of specific partners.

In Canada
In Canada the internship will research cooperatives and business working or interested on fair trade initiatives. This will contribute to increased learning before departure of the work in El Salvador and at returning to integrate, strength and develop further the marketing of fair trade products in Canada.

The internship will support CORDES' fair trade business and cooperatives initiatives. Identify market opportunities and constraints for already operating cooperatives and support them with the technical skills.
Organisation d'accueil : Foundation for Cooperation and Community Development of El Salvador
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The CORDES Foundation is a private, non-profit institution that promotes economic and social development in rural communities that have been greatly affected by the destruction and poverty caused by the war, and communities that are made up of mostly repatriated, displaced, repopulated and demobilized families. CORDES has five programs: Agricultural, Financing, Commercial, Institutional Strengthening and Emergency Program.