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Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Bar Association
Acronyme : CBA
Type : Association professionelle
Mandat : The CBA is the largest voluntary professional association of the Canadian legal profession, representing some 38,000 lawyers, judges, notaries, academics and students.. The CBA is committed to improving the law, the administration of justice and access to justice; promotes equality in the legal profession and in the justice system; and improves and promotes the knowledge, skills, ethical standards and well-being of members of the legal profession. It works internationally through its International Development Program (IDP) in which the IYIP would be situated.
Adresse : 865 Carling Avenue, Suite 500
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1S 5S8
FAX: (613)  237 0185
Veuillez visiter le site Internet de l'organisation offrant ce stage pour connaître ses exigences avant de lui envoyer votre curriculum vitae.
Personne ressource : Al Cook
Courriel : alc@cba.org
Pays : Kenya
Ville : Nairobi
Secteur : Gouvernement et société civile
Description du stage : The intern will assist the LSK in its mandate to contribute to constitutionalism, democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights, by engaging in a series of projects aimed at facilitating access to justice, promoting gender equality and increasing awareness of various human rights issues through research, advocacy, training and education. The intern will also assist with the LSK's professional development projects on Legal Profession Standards and Ethics and its mandatory Continuing Legal Education program, and other initiatives to improve the functioning of the Society and contribute to its organizational capacity strengthening.

In Canada
The intern will be preparing for the placement. Preparations include:

- Before commencement of internship: Attending 3-day pre-departure briefing and orientation in Ottawa in June: making travel arrangements, filling in on-line and paper forms, discussing and signing intern contract, receiving, discussing and organizing information, meeting CBA Coordinator, staff and other interns etc. (see Pre-departure briefing schedule above). Starting then, the intern develops a reading list and begins reading and researching his/her host country and relevant issues.

- August 1st to September 6th: a) Logistical and practical : obtaining visa, doing and checking travel and entry requirements and documentation; booking air travel and purchasing tickets; getting medical requirements and inoculations, researching host country in practical terms, contacting host supervisor, predecessor and colleague interns on practical issues and arrangements, how to go about travel in host country, accommodation possibilities, exchange rate, banking and other financial information and procedures; setting up a banking procedure with an 'Authorized person' to look after financial arrangements and incoming cheques in Canada; purchasing appropriate clothing and necessities, guide book etc. b) Project and work-related: Doing research and other preparatory work that can best be done while still in Canada, preparing resources and materials to take to placement, developing work plan in consultation with host supervisor and CBA Coordinator and staff, familiarizing him or herself with host country constitution and judicial system, legal and justice situation and procedures, relevant legal, social, economic and political issues.

- On return to Canada: attending Debriefing at CBA in Ottawa: delivering a presentation on placement, discussing issues to be taken into account by future interns, attending workshops on career prospects and CBA support for job search, on preparing resumes and cover letters as well as interview techniques, and also on reintegration into Canada.

The intern will do Legal research, Conference planning and Program management, interacting with the following Committees of the Law Society of Kenya and its partner organisations:

1. Gender Committee;
2. Consultative Committee on Gender Responsive Legal and Judicial Reform;
3. Continuing Legal Education Committee;
4. Disciplinary Committee;
5. Young lawyers Committee;
6. Committee on constitutional reform, human rights, legal aid and public
interest litigation.

The intern will assist with the following projects:

1. The Access to Justice Project, in particular the development of the National Legal Aid Program, which includes a Pro Bono campaign, Legal Aid and Education Awareness activities and a legislative lobbying campaign;

2. The Gender Equality Project aimed at facilitating gender equality and identifying and responding to gender-based problems in the legal profession, involving research, writing and editing, and advocacy;

3. The Anti-Human-Trafficking Project of awareness, advocacy and legal reform;

4. The Professional Development Project mentioned above aimed at capacity-building of the legal profession, based on developing the two components of Legal Professional Standards and Ethics and the mandatory Continuing Legal Education initiative.

5. The Constitutional Reform Project defining and implementing the LSK's role in the Constitutional Reform process now underway in Kenya;

6. The Commonwealth Law Conference will take place in Nairobi in September 2007. The intern will be engaged in follow-up activities to the Conference, which the current intern is assisting in organizing.

7. Assisting the LSK's Executive Director with various other projects and assignments as they come up, and in particular with helping to draft funding proposals.

The intern will produce: 4 bi-monthly reports, including a final report; ongoing correspondence by e-mail with CBA Coordinator, other interns and intern Counsellors; a personal project e.g. learning a local language (or teaching English or French), creative writing regarding the placement, or photography; doing a personal research or writing project on a topic that particularly interests them for publication in Canada as an outreach activity; two-week holiday regarded as important opportunity to learn about the host country in an informal, practical as well as enjoyable way. Interns are also encouraged to participate in local activities, church, sport, theatre etc., and to make contributions socially and to the community, charitable walks and fundraising, joining choirs etc. These types of activity have been found to be particularly rewarding.
Organisation d'accueil : Law Society of Kenya
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The LSK is Kenya's Bar Association, with membership of all practicing advocates in Kenya, currently numbering over four thousand. It has the mandate to advise and assist members of the legal profession, the government and the larger public in all matters relating to the administration of justice in Kenya. Specifically, its objectives are:

- To maintain and improve the standards of conduct and learning of the legal profession in Kenya;

- To facilitate the acquisition of legal knowledge by members of the legal profession and others;

- To assist the Government and the courts in all matters affecting legislation and the administration and practice of the law in Kenya;

- To represent, protect and assist members of the legal profession in Kenya in respect of conditions of practice and otherwise;

- To protect and assist the public in Kenya in all matters touching, ancilliary or incidental to the law.

The LSK continues to play an important role in legal and constitutional development in Kenya. Its advocacy contributed to the restoration of pluralism to the government in the early 1990s after a period of one-party rule. A Constitutional Reform process is now under way in Kenya, to which the LSK will contribute through its Constitutional Reform project, in which our intern would play a role.