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HIV/AIDS Education and Communications Coordinator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Change for Children Association
Acronyme : CFCA
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Change for Children Association promotes action for systemic change and sustainable development through solidarity and partnership, by nurturing community, and by maintaining an integral, vital and stable organization. Change for Children also supports the poor in their own process of organizing to achieve an increased, active role in promoting peace, democracy, human rights, and improved living conditions, accomplished through: growth in understanding of unfair structures and the growing popular resistance to those structures; learning from people with whom we partner to accompany them in the struggle for justice; and acting in development with a sense of urgency and commitment.
Adresse : 2nd floor, 10808 124 Street
Edmonton, Alberta,
T5M 0H3
FAX: (780) 448-1507
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Personne ressource : Fiona Cavanagh
Courriel : cfca@changeforchildren.org
Pays : Honduras
Ville : Coxen Hole, Roatan
Secteur : Destination plurisectorielle ou transversale
Description du stage : The intern will work directly with the project: Empowering, Educating and Employing Women and Familias Saludables is the partner organization coordinating this project.

Familias Saludables (FS) works on the Island of Roatan in Western Honduras. This project operates a mother to child HIV transmission reduction program.

Project purpose:

This project addresses the HIV/AIDS crisis in Honduras through: HIV education, STD treatment and prevention, advocacy for human rights protection, and local capacity building. These activities aim to enhance HIV/AIDS knowledge and awareness and they aim to provide local skills and opportunities. As well, Change for Children's project mandate is to facilitate Familias Saludables participation in Honduran, Central American and international networks in order to assist HIV/AIDS information sharing and to foster a best practice dialogue.

Summary of key project goals:

- To educate about safe sex, STD and pregnancy prevention methods.
- To produce materials and workshops to reduce stigma and discrimination towards Persons Living With Aids (PLWA) and to provide them with employment as peer counsellors
- To promote and provide HIV/AIDS testing and to encourage disclosure of disease status.
- To educate communities, with the participation of local public figures and government representatives, about the human rights of PLWA
- To encourage employers to respect the human rights of PLWA
- To build networks between Honduran, Central American and international organizations with expertise in addressing HIV/AIDS issues, thus enhancing FS's capacity to contribute to improving the situation on Roatan.

In Canada
Job Responsibilities:
The intern will develop a professional career plan and workplan before commencing full job duties. All job duties will be completed with support and guidance of CFCA staff.

- Investigate new partnerships and potential funding with other Honduran and International NGO's and Foundations
- Organize and facilitate public education presentations
- Write articles, reports and evaluations
- Support general CFCA events and activities
- Research and develop resource materials on development issues and capacity building in Honduras with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS
- Train in CIDA Results Based Management processes, strategic planning and workshop facilitation
- Develop collaborative fundraising initiatives
- Conduct outreach activities for schools, universities, and community groups
- Assist with the development of innovative print and multimedia education resources
- Assist with developing a 3 minute video for public engagement purposes to be used by partner organization and Change for Children Association
- Participate in CFCA education and project committees
- Research and develop educational materials on Development issues in Central America with a focus on HIV/AIDS and Millenium Development Goals
- Complete reports, post travel debriefing, evaluations, career planning and employment search activities

The intern will work to assist Familias Saludables CIDA project: Empowering, Educating and Employing in the following activities:

- Public relations, report and public engagement
- The intern will assist to plan and faciliate educational sessions in all levels of the formal school system
- Intern will work cross-sectorally with medical, educational and government officials to develop and faciliate special events that promote prevention of and protection from HIV/AIDS
- Intern will assist with pre and post examination support and will complete HIV testing with clients
- The intern will research potential funding sources and will assist with the writing of grant proposals
- Intern will assist Familias Saludables to complete steps to obtain NGO status in Honduras
- Assist with educational programming to reduce high risk behaviors in client group
- Work on site with the staff and clients at Familias Saludables in order to collect data and provide a diagnostic of their operations
- Assist to develop print and multimedia resources for Familias Saludables
- Network with other NGO's who are undertaking similar initiatives in Roatan and outside of the city
Organisation d'accueil : Familias Saludables
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Familias Saludables is a non-profit, non denominational organization devoted to fighting the AIDS pandemic in Roatan. Our major focus is reducing the incidence of mother to child transmissions of the virus both at birth and via breast milk. We run testing clinics for pregnant women, assign trained home visitors for mothers living with HIV/AIDS, provide palliative care services, and when available, we provide infant formula, medications and other supplies to families struggling to cope with the disease.