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Appropriate Technology and Climate Change – Technician

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Falls Brook Centre
Acronyme : FBC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Through local, national and international community development and resource stewardship work, we encourage and support initiatives that work towards a society that respects ecosystems, honors diverse cultures and provides an economy in balance with communities and nature. To fulfill its mandate FBC communicates and demonstrates appropriate sustainable resource stewardship in our forest lands, certified organic agriculture and renewable technology projects implementation for rural community revitalization, to inspire and enable people and societies to make a conscious transition towards ecological, economic and social renewal.
Adresse : 125 South Knowlesville Road
Knowlesville, New Brunswick,
E7L 1B1
FAX: (506) 375-4221
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Personne ressource : Daniel Ruiz-Sandoval
Courriel : daniel@fallsbrookcentre.ca
Pays : Nicaragua
Ville : Somoto
Secteur : Production et distribution d'énergie
Description du stage : The intern will advance Falls Brook Centre and Grupo Fenix cooperative programming on Climate Change and renewable energy applications and help to implement Appropriate Technology initiatives that address critical environmental problems and improve the quality of life for rural families. The intern will also assist the initiation of a transfer of skills and knowledge between Grupo Fenix and partner organizations based in Honduras CPTRT and COHAPAZ as part of the new innovation project described below.

In Canada
- Coordinate events for the FBC Climate Change and Renewable Energy Mobile Demonstration Centre.
- Design and deliver educational workshops and materials on climate change and renewable energy/energy conservation solutions to Canadian communities, schools, and public events.
- Working with the media and other organizations promoting climate change action and implementing the Kyoto Protocol.
- Participate in hands-on work with on-site renewable energy applications and with the ongoing development of the Mobile Renewable Energy Demonstration Centre.
- Promoting green house gas reductions as part of the FBC One Ton Challenge initiative.

- Assist Grupo Fenix with workshop development, construction and follow up for initiatives related to appropriate technology and climate change - particularly for solar rural electrification initiatives
- Assist with the implementation of income generation activities for beneficiaries and rural communities related to appropriate technology and community agriculture. Develop training materials and manuals for training and workshop purposes.
- Assist with implementation of community-scale rainwater harvesting methodologies and liaise with the Global Rainwater Harvesting Collective on community assessment tools and best practices.
- Assist with other project activities related to solar energy training, education, and income generation for rural peoples.
Organisation d'accueil : Grupo Fenix
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Grupo Fenix's primary goal is to research, develop and apply appropriate, renewable energy technologies in Nicaragua, and also to assist other countries in Central America in this work.