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Forest Conservation Technician

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : One Sky - Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living
Acronyme : One Sky
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : One Sky's purpose is to promote sustainable living globally. In working toward an environmentally sustainable and socially just world, One Sky seeks to make a significant difference in the next five years by:
- Developing capacity of effective change agents
- Playing an inspiring role and promoting solutions to the world's overwhelming challenges
- Radicalizing Canadian perspectives and shifting worldviews
- Providing practical solutions where human security and the environment interface
- Effectively networking within and across sectors
- Working in areas with ecological integrity
Adresse : Box 3352
Smithers, British Columbia,
V0J 2N0
FAX: (250) 877-6040
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Personne ressource : Kristin Patten
Courriel : info@onesky.ca
Pays : Cameroun
Ville : Limbe
Secteur : Sylviculture
Description du stage : LBG has established a department for Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing that is serving the nation & the Central African region a large. Its activities ranges from community-based resource use mapping to analysis of maps and satellite images and communication with governance bodies for ecological monitoring, natural resource management and conservation of biodiversity. Since 2002, the department has been collaborating with Global Forest Watch to improve forest monitoring through the creation and communication of accessible information related to the current state of the ecosystem. LBG is responsible for creating maps, working in the field to verify information and analysis, and building the capacity of local communities and institutions to monitor forest use and plan for better management of natural resources. LBG also holds GIS/Remote Sensing trainings for community members and institutions. The Forest Conservation Technician will be based in Limbe and will be assisting in the GIS/Remote Sensing department, working under the direct supervision of Nsoyuni Ayenika Lawrence from Global Forest Watch - collaborating to build the capacity of the GIS/Remote Sensing department.

In Canada
This intern will be involved in an intense two-week orientation and training period in Canada. They will spend 3 months working with One Sky in Smithers coordinating the Smithers Community Bike Program with an HRDC Summer Student, including strategic planning, addressing issues of project sustainability, community outreach and program fundraising. The intern will also liaise with Limbe Botanical Gardens regarding their mapping needs; resulting tasks may include collecting mapping information and conducting a literature review toward the development of an ecosystem-based management plan for a sub-region of Cameroon. A fundraising component will also be a key part of this stage.

Upon returning to Canada the intern will be follow-up on initiatives and projects related to the trans-boundary ecosystem-based planning initiative, as well as the overseas component. This may involve producing public outreach materials, writing proposals or engaging the northwest BC community. The intern will also be involved in a job search and employment effort for two weeks.

In October the intern will travel to Cameroon where they will assist in developing the capacity of Limbe Botanical Garden's GIS department. This will include helping to develop the mapping department, such as identifying relevant mapping needs of communities and institutions for natural resource management, and providing advice on the future development of the mapping department (ex. developing projects and writing funding proposals). The intern will also provide guidance for existing mapping projects and work in the field with community members and LBG staff to collect field data. This may include networking with government institutions to communicate findings and recommendations related to natural resource management. Finally, the intern will develop the capacity of community members and institutions to use mapping as a way of protecting biodiversity and in land-use planning and natural resource management, including developing and implementing training workshops on the use of GPS, basic map reading and interpretation and basic GIS techniques.
Organisation d'accueil : Global Forest Watch Cameroon
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Global Forest Watch (GFW) is currently working through an MOU with the Cameroon government to provide support to the Ministry of Forests (MINFOF) in order to improve forest governance, combat illegal logging and promote more sustainable management of forest resources. Support has included looking at how socio-economic trends, development and settlements are impacting forested areas, as well as working with communities to determine how communities can more sustainably use resources. In support of these goals, GFW works in collaboration with the Limbe Botanical Gardens (LBG) to collect information and analyse the state of Cameroon's forests in order to better manage forest resources. LBG is internationally recognized as one of Africa's most active Gardens and an important centre for biodiversity conservation and research. The mission of the Garden is to provide facilities, information and services to support biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in the region.