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AIDS programming support worker

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Crossroads International / Carrefour Canadien International
Acronyme : CCI
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Canadian Crossroads International is an international volunteer cooperation agency that brings together citizens and organizations in Canada and developing countries in order to reduce poverty, combat HIV/AIDS and promote women's rights. With almost 50 years of experience, CCI works to create a more equitable and sustainable world by engaging and strengthening individuals, organizations and communities through mutual learning, solidarity and collective action. The foundation of our work is the development of long- term partnerships between like-minded organizations in Canada and in the South. Within the framework of these three-way partnerships (CCI, Southern organization and Canadian organization), we carry out activities to build partnership, develop organizational capacity and engage the public - with volunteer exchange (North-South, South-North and South-South) being the primary means to achieve our goals. We believe the engagement of the Canadian public is an essential element of this approach and work in this respect with organizations and individuals throughout Canada.
Adresse : 317 Adelaide St. W, Suite 500
M5V 1P9
FAX: (416) 967-9078
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Personne ressource : AndréAnne Cloutier
Courriel : info@cciorg.ca
Pays : Ghana
Ville : Accra
Secteur : Politique en matière de population/santé et fertilité
Description du stage : West Africa AIDS Foundation and their Canadian partner, the AIDS Committee of London (ACOL) share common challenges in improving the lives of PHAs (people living with HIV or AIDS) and engaging youth - the population at highest risk of HIV infection. Like CCI, both organizations feel there is strength in exchanging knowledge internationally and building solidarity. After the initial one-year pilot phase of the partnership, all three partners (CCI, WAAF, ACOL) felt strong synergies and a desire to continue learning from each other. In particular, WAAF and ACOL want to build their capacities in youth outreach, PHA support/ empowerment and addressing gender inequities. Both organizations also feel that they gain important skills in intercultural relations, which assists them with other elements of their work.

In Canada
Pre-departure, the intern will spend time with the Canadian partner, learning about their work and gaining skills and materials relevant to the placement mandate to share with the Southern partner. The intern will learn valuable intercultural skills in pre-departure training offered by CIL and CCI.

Upon return from the placement, the intern will share knowledge gained in the placement with the Canadian partner, CCI and others through public engagement activities. Re-entry training will assist the intern in ways to apply the learning gained through the placement in and discuss opportunities to remain involved in international development.

The intern will assist WAAF in improving their clinical and psycho-social programming to meet the needs of young people 15-30 years old infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, particularly women. The focus will be on developing new programming that addresses women's issues such as land rights, martial law, child rearing, negotiating safe sex, etc., as well as creating more female-centred clinical services. The intern will also build the capacity of the WAAF team to promote their expanded services in the wider community, using formal and informal networks. Additionally, the intern will be instrumental in strengthening the formal links between the PHAs (persons living with HIV or AIDS) associated with the West Africa AIDS Foundation and those associated with their Canadian partner, the AIDS Committee of London. This could include facilitating communication and developing joint projects (e.g. income generation, advocacy).
Organisation d'accueil : West African Aids Foundation
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The West Africa AIDS Foundation is a registered NGO and a recognised member of the Ghanaian Network of HIV/AIDS based NGO's (GHANET). It was founded in 1998 and is governed by a Board of Directors. WAAF believes in providing education, counselling, care and support for the purpose of inducing behavioural change in the sexual norms of the populace that are known to have a high incidence of HIV/AIDS in Ghana. By respecting human dignity and diversity, the West Africa AIDS Foundation creates an atmosphere of trust, which enables people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS to make informed choices.

WAAF and CCI have been working together since 2004 and WAAF has been receiving interns since then, within the framework of the IYIP program as well as NetCorps and other programs.