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Youth Livelihood Officer

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Street Kids International
Acronyme : SKI
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Street Kids International is a Canadian-based non-profit organization that supports street youth in developing skills, making choices, and accessing opportunities.

Through international efforts, Street Kids International aims to:
- provide training and capacity building opportunities that introduce youth-centred methods for working with street youth
- develop a global network of organizations and front-line workers striving to support local street youth
- co-develop with this global network the best-practices and materials for meeting the needs of street youth
- raise awareness about the needs and rights of street youth
Adresse : P.O. Box 1026 T.D.C. Postal Stn. 77 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario,
M5K 1P2
FAX: (416) 504-8977
Veuillez visiter le site Internet de l'organisation offrant ce stage pour connaître ses exigences avant de lui envoyer votre curriculum vitae.
Personne ressource : Natasha Cassinath
Courriel : info@streetkids.org
Pays : Tanzanie
Ville : Moshi/Arusha
Secteur : Éducation
Description du stage : The Intern will hold a key position within Mkombozi's services team, charged with maximizing the individual and family well-being of street children and youth, enabling them to capture their potential and heal from difficult circumstance. The services team establishes and maintains interpersonal relationships with children and youth; resolves conflicts and negotiates with all concerned parties; assists and cares for children and youth; and is involved with making decisions and solving problems in the larger context of the organization.

An important sub- project which the intern will be associated with will involve developing and implementing a ground-breaking mentorship component to compliment Street Kids International's Street Business and Banking programs already in progress.

In Canada
-Uploading information on Street Kids International and it's innovative tools and methodology
-Debriefing with Canadian staff on communications, logistics, expectations, the Tanzanian context and deliverables

-Final Reporting
-Debriefing Canadian Staff on lessons learned, challenges and opportunities
Public Engagement

-Developing life skills, health and legal aid materials for use in Mkombozi's mobile support unit - assisting Social Workers to deliver this education and information to 150 street children and youth each year
-Collaborating in the business mentoring training programme to complement our Street Banking Toolkit
-Working with Social Workers and children and young people to help children to learn harm reduction strategies and to participate in sport, music and creative art to enable them to identify their interests, cultivate their talents and build both skills and mental resilience
-Collaborating with Social Workers to support 20 Street youth with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become self reliant and either employed or self-employed away from the streets
-Training 10 Mkombozi social workers & selected mentors as facilitators of the Street Business and Banking Toolkit and facilitate trainings with street youth.
-Equipping 20 youth to initiate and sustain their small businesses, access credit and / or enter employment and supporting 20 youth to move away from residential care and/or street life into halfway housing with their peers
-Delivering family life education to 15 vulnerable adolescent girls and offering them opportunities to become self-reliant.
Organisation d'accueil : Mkombozi Centre
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Mkombozi's mission is to help vulnerable children and youth to grow in mind, body and spirit and to build a more caring society for all, capturing local potential through learning and reflection and act as a catalyst for holistic development.