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Youth Capacity and HIV/AIDS Educator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Schools Without Borders
Acronyme : SWB
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Schools Without Borders (SWB) is a youth-led organization that runs innovative learning projects committed to fostering effective community-based development. SWB's programs work to combat social exclusion and make learning more accessible for today's youth. We define youth as being between the ages of 15 and 29.
Adresse : 24 Dinnick Cre.
Toronto, Ontario,
M4N 1L5
FAX: 416) 534-6342
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Personne ressource : Julian Caspari
Courriel : julian@schoolswithoutborders.com
Pays : Kenya
Ville : Nairobi
Secteur : Éducation
Description du stage : The intern will work directly with identified young leaders and CFK project coordinators to strengthen youth and female capacity by developing curricula and workshops that address HIV/AIDS, reproductive health education, social exclusion, and gender issues. Youth from CFK will participate by developing project ideas and action plans with the intern to achieve community goals relating to health and gender development, while creating a stronger and more active role for youth in the community. Outreach will be conducted through weekend forums, whereby the intern and presenting youth travel to different parts of Kibera, using peer-education and participatory methods to disseminate knowledge about gender and HIV/AIDS further throughout the community.

The intern is required to have applicable knowledge or experience in alternative education, international programming, and intercultural partnership. An individual who is interested in pursuing a career in health education and youth development will be an appropriate fit for this position.

In Canada
- Become acquainted with SWB philosophy, methodology, and both local and global network of partner organizations.
- Research the history and operations of CFK, Binti Pamoja, and Kicking AIDS Out and respective approaches to youth engagement, female empowerment and community health.
- Participate in HIV/AIDS education workshops with local NGOs in Toronto.
- Research approaches to gender and health education in the Kenyan context. Examine resources, testimonials, documentation relating to Nairobi and write short case studies on success, failures, and best practices.
- Gain an understanding of SWB Life Skills Curriculum, learning modules, peer education methods, and build resources pertaining to experiential learning and youth leadership training.
- Work with the Grassroots Youth Collaborative and Toronto Community Housing on non-formal and innovative education techniques used to address sexual health, female empowerment and social exclusion with marginalized youth.
- Learn Kiswahili through Cultural Exchange program with youth from the Kenya Community of Ontario in Toronto.
- Manage and build SWB's resources (both hardcopy and online) relating to HIV/AIDS and community health.

- Train youth participants of Binti Pamoja (translated into English as Daughter's United) and Kicking AIDS Out to conduct needs-based assessments using participatory action research methods.
- Assist youth in analysis of collected information from assessment, to project design, and implementation of action plans.
- Assist development of youth-centred curriculum development, outreach methods, and evaluation strategies.
- Create forums and workshops that bring Binti Pamoja and Kicking AIDS Out together to collaborate on larger community goals.
- Work with CFK youth to increase participation in HIV/AIDS and gender workshops.
- Develop and co-facilitate workshops with CFK youth that use engaging methods such as urban arts to increase youth leadership, learning opportunities, confidence and capacity building.
- Compile resources from workshops and interviews to be made available in SWB's Resource Centre and Life Skills Curriculum in both hard and soft copy.
- Offer one-on-one mentorship sessions with young leaders from Binti Pamoja and Kicking AIDS Out.
- Assist youth to develop and implement fun and exciting community outreach projects that spread HIV/AIDS and gender awareness - participatory art projects, youth-advertisements, street theatre, musical performances, and public announcements.
Organisation d'accueil : Carolina For Kibera
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Established in 2001, CFK is a registered international non-governmental organization based in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. CFK has an office and youth centre in Kibera as well as a satelitte office of support services housed at the University Centre for international Studies at the University of North Carolina. CFK runs a youth sports program, girls' centre ("Binti Pamoja", Daughters United), medical clinic and a waste management program("trash is cash").