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Assistant to the Global Environment Facility (GEF)/UNDP Small Grants Programme (SGP)

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : United Nations Association in Canada
Acronyme : UNA-Canada
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : Founded in 1946, just months after Canada's signature of the UN Charter in San Francisco, the United Nations Association in Canada is a nation-wide, volunteer-based, not-for-profit registered charity. UNA-Canada works to engage and educate Canadians - with a focus on youth - in critical international issues, to raise awareness of the UN and its work and to offer to the global commons made-in-Canada solutions and innovations to international challenges. UNA-Canada's public education and outreach programmes encompass conferences and seminars, community activism, the publication of policy analyses, informative documents and educational resources, and a robust web site that covers a broad range of UN-related issues, including sustainable development, food security, peace-building, human rights, UN reform/revitalization, corporate social responsibility and the strengthening of the role of civil society and international organizations. With a professional staff in Ottawa, UNA-Canada has 17 branches and contacts across the country; 14,000 members; a Council of Organizations consisting of 25 organization supportive of Canada's multilateralism and the Canadian Corporate Leadership Council of the UN which encourages corporate citizenship while supporting the work of UNA-Canada.
Adresse : 300-309 Cooper St.
Ottawa, Ontario,
K2P 0G5
FAX: (613) 563-2455
Veuillez visiter le site Internet de l'organisation offrant ce stage pour connaître ses exigences avant de lui envoyer votre curriculum vitae.
Personne ressource : Amy Brathwaite
Courriel : amy.brathwaite@unac.org
Pays : Namibie
Ville : Windhoek
Secteur : Infrastructure et services sociaux divers
Description du stage : GEF Small Grants Programme provides financial and technical support directly to community-led projects in developing countries that conserve and restore the natural world while enhancing the well-being and livelihoods. The SGP seeks to demonstrate that community action can maintain the fine balance between human needs and environmental imperatives.

In Canada
The JPC will be required to complete the following before their departure:

- Mandatory briefing session hosted by UNA-Canada in Ottawa, ON from June 25-28 2007
- Sign Participation Agreement with UNA-Canada
- Complete required skills assessments and documentation prior to departure
- Return all required documentation to UNA-Canada prior to departure

The intern will support the National Coordinator of the SGP in Namibia to develop and strengthen the SGP and continue building the capacity of the SGP. The intern will:

- Help organize workshops and project development sessions for NGOs and community-based organizations (CBOs) to explain the programme, and assist potential applicants in making the link between local environmental problems and the global concerns of the GEF focal areas.
- Participate actively in working with CBOs and NGOs to prepare project concepts and proposals to ensure that individual projects fit the GEF/SGP Strategic Framework, and authorizing and managing project planning grants as needed.
- Participate in the process of project proposal review, selection and approval, especially the initial review of proposals and assessment of eligibility.
- Help in establishing and managing mechanisms for exchange of information, experience, and lessons learned at the local and national levels.
- Help maintain a strong working partnership with the UNDP Country Office and ensuring the Resident - Representative, the UNDP focal point, and the GEF operational focal point are kept well informed of all relevant SGP activities.
- Providing continuous information updates in standard format for the GEF/SGP global database.
- Help maintain the financial integrity of the SGP and report on all financial and personnel issues.
Organisation d'accueil : United Nations Development Program
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : UNDP is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. For more information on UNDP's work in Namibia, please visit: www.undp.un.na

UNA-Canada has sent 46 interns through the CIDA programme to UNDP offices around the world. UNA-Canada and UNDP Namibia have been in partnership since 2004. In 2006, UNDP Namibia is hosting 3 JPC's who are working within various UN/UNDP programmes. Due to the success of this initial partnership in Namibia, a number of additional UN agencies have requested a partnership with UNA-Canada.