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Young Women Activism Program Assistant

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Acronyme : CME
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat :
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters is committed to the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of Canadian industry and expanding export business by:

- actively participating in the formation of domestic and international government policies to assist in the creation of a favorable climate for manufacturers and exporters;
- providing member companies with the extensive information needed to operate effectively in today¿s highly competitive international economy;
- providing opportunities for education, learning and professional growth;
- providing members with access to national and provincial research organizations and facilitate connections to the most advanced industrial R&D; and
- providing capacity development programs to improve the competitiveness of companies domestically and internationally.
Adresse : 6725 Airport Road, Suite 200
Mississauga, Ontario,
L4V 1V2
FAX: (905)  672-0853
Veuillez visiter le site Internet de l'organisation offrant ce stage pour connaître ses exigences avant de lui envoyer votre curriculum vitae.
Personne ressource : Treena Adhikari
Courriel : treena.adhikari@cme-mec.ca
Pays : Afrique du Sud
Ville : Cape Town
Secteur : Destination plurisectorielle ou transversale
Description du stage : In response to the challenges faced by young women globally, AWID has set up a Young Women's Activism Program. The program is the outcome of AWID's experiences over the past few years as well as the consultations with various practitioners, activists and young women on what would be the most effective way to engage young women. AWID's Young Women's Activism Program aims to guarantee the protection of the rights of young women and girls throughout the world.

In Canada
One month orientation and training program

Regional Workshops
- preparation of the necessary documentation and resources for the institutions, preparing of resource tools to share with participants on leadership, human rights, etc;
- setting in place and managing appropriate communication mechanisms for the institutions;
- participate in conceptualizing, and implementation of an effective follow-up for building a young women's leadership network in Africa; and
- assist in development and implementation of a fundraising strategy for regional institutions in other parts of the world.

Young Women's Activism Training Assistant:
- provide support to young people in design and implementation of their projects in the schools;
- co-author with the Program Manager a paper on why it is strategic (especially in light of HIV/AIDS) to also build young men's leadership; and
- translate the findings of the process and posting it on the website and email listserve.

Mentorship Program
- liaise and communicate with the participants in the process;
post information on the AWID YWL web-page.
Organisation d'accueil : Association of Women's Rights in Development
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : AWID is an international membership organization that connects, informs and mobilizes people and organizations committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and human rights for everyone. AWID works across disciplines, regions and sectors to cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and girls around the world. It does this by:

- Broadening the constituency of individuals and organizations committed to gender equality.
- Advancing the gender and development field by facilitating ongoing, inclusive debates on fundamental and provocative issues of the gender and development and women's human rights movements, and
- Building the individual and organizational capacities of its members by providing our members with practical and strategic information, tools, and analyses to support their efforts for social, economic and political change.