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Early Childhood Education Intern

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : World Literacy of Canada
Acronyme : WLC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : World Literacy of Canada (WLC) is a non-profit organization that has been working in the field of international development and social justice since 1955. WLC supports literacy and community development initiatives in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka by working with communities, educational institutions and NGO partners. Our work is focused around 8 programs: Adult Literacy; Children's Education; Health Education; Social Enterprise; Advocacy; Capacity Building; Public Engagement and Fundraising. WLC believes that illiteracy is rooted in the prevailing social, cultural and economic conditions of a country and is linked to poverty, disadvantage and exclusion. We see literacy as an essential element in the struggle for justice, human dignity and equality. WLC believes that literacy is a basic human right that is essential to the development process. WLC supports community-based programs which are relevant to expressed community needs and which emphasize non-formal education. We give priority to projects that integrate functional adult literacy programming into the overall development agenda, as well as prioritizing projects that focus on improving life for women and their families. We work to establish a clear link between our work abroad and our Canadian programming by building relationships with selected partner communities in developing countries and with community-based groups and educational institutions in underserved regions of Canada.
Adresse : 401 Richmond Street West, Studio 236
Toronto, Ontario,
M5V 3A8
FAX: (416) 977-1112
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Personne ressource : Emily Antze
Courriel : eantze@worldlit.ca
Pays : Inde
Ville : Varanasi
Secteur : Éducation
Description du stage : The Early Childhood Education Intern will work directly within our Children's Program to promote children's education and improve the delivery of our children's programming.

WLC's Children's Program provides literacy classes for children in the urban slum communities of Varanasi, as well as in the rural project villages of the surrounding Varanasi region. The program aims to equip children with practical reading and writing skills while at the same time stimulating their interest in education. The program works with young children in order to foster a healthy, fun environment where kids will be encouraged to go to school, and to stay in school.

In Canada
The first and final month of the 8 month internship are to take place in Toronto, so the intern can become familiar with the WLC organization prior to departure, and have appropriate support during the debriefing/reintegration period afterwards. The intern will be assigned to the Toronto-based Overseas Program Manager who will act as a mentor during the internship. The Overseas Program Manager will facilitate the intern's training and orientation sessions in order to provide insight on the focus area that the intern will be investigating during the 6 months of work in India.

The intern will attend relevant staff meetings and program committee meetings in order to learn about WLC's Early Childhood Education Program in India. The intern will also review past reports on the program and conduct research on early childhood education as it pertains to the context of Uttar Pradesh, India.

While in India, the intern will work closely with the Children's Program Manager and the Literacy Program Manager. Under their guidance, the intern will study the linkages between early childhood education and literacy levels in rural areas. In doing so, the intern will work to appraise the current reach of WLC's rural Children's Programming.

An important component of the Children's Literacy Program is the Scholarship Fund. For a number of years, WLC has facilitated scholarships for children to formal schooling. This program has recently been experiencing natural growth and India office staff are presently guiding the expansion of this program. The Early Childhood Education intern will therefore play an instrumental role in the implementation of a broad-based Scholarship Fund Model that will make it possible for more children to attend formal full-time school in their communities.

The intern is encouraged to make recommendations, within a sustainable livelihoods context, about ways to increase access to basic education through increased awareness about early childhood development in rural and urban slum environments. In order to do this, the intern will contact and meet with individuals, organisations and school faculty members in order to network within the local area with the aim of creating linkages for the Scholarship Program in the surrounding urban and rural region.

Basic education, family literacy, advocacy and gender will all be cross cutting themes to this internship. Essentially, the intern will work within the Children's Literacy Program in order to inegrate early childhood development into WLC's overall advocacy strategy.
Organisation d'accueil : World Literacy of Canada - Banaras Branch Office
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The overseas host organisation is World Literacy of Canada's Banaras Branch Office - essentially this is WLC's overseas program office. Staff at the office work in tandem with our Toronto office in order to deliver our Overseas Program work. The staff therefore adhere to WLC's mandate and guiding principles.