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Inclusion Developer Kyiv

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre
Acronyme : URDC
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre (URDC) is an endowed center within Grant MacEwan College, which also houses a Chair conducting applied research. It initiates projects that benefit communities in Canada and Ukraine by encouraging change and growth in an institutional and organizational capacity. URDC fosters innovation, leadership and educaiton within the national and international communities in: the arts, academia, community development, digital communication, business, language acquisition and special education. Finally, URDC serves as an intermediary by forging connections between the academic, professional and business mainstream and volunteers from the Ukrainian Canadian community.
Adresse : Rm. 215, 10050 MacDonald Dr. - Grant MacEwan College
Edmonto, Alberta,
T5J 2B7
FAX: (780) 497-4377
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Personne ressource : Bohdan Horich
Courriel : horichb@macewan.ca
Pays : Ukraine
Ville : Kyiv
Secteur : Infrastructure et services sociaux divers
Description du stage : In Ukraine today there exists a significant lack of business involvement in community and charity work. Such a lack has stunted the growth of civil society in many areas. For instance, civil society and NGO's lack much of the professionalism, organizational capabilities, influence, and funding that are the hallmark of successful and involved business communities.

For a few years now the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre has been striving to improve the level of inclusion for children with special needs within the regular school system in Ukraine. These efforts at educational inclusion have been an ongoing process with partners in Ukraine. As part of this effort, a wider spectrum of society must see the value of including persons with special needs within everyday activities.

To this end the business community must become involved, for inclusion cannot work solely at the educational level. Inclusion must spread into wider society, particularly in the field of employment. The internship project will thus strive to involve the business community in advocating the interests of those with special needs.

The goal of the internship is to set up a process with the aim of involving those interested in helping with inclusive education and advocacy. Participants will include NGO's, special educators and the business community. In such a way a process of learning and sharing of needs can gradually take place. The principle aim will not be to merely find extra funding for people with special needs. The aim will be to provide people with disabilities with a stronger voice and support from those with influence.

Civil society works best when there is significant involvement from a wide array of people. Thus, by tying the business community into the process of inclusion, the project expects that a wider spectre of society will ensure that more people are included and accepted.

In Canada
The intern will be expected to learn the structure of business involvement in inclusion and inclusive education in Canada and Ukraine. Specifically, they are to learn how NGO's, educational institutions, and labour related activities take place in developing an inclusive environment.

The intern's primary focus will be to develop links between the business community and people with special needs. They will seek out all parties currently involved in the process such as NGO's, educational institutions, work-providers and legislators. They will then help create a process which will include various stake-holders, and involve the business community.

This new process will help adapt inclusion into everyday life. The interns will also work with partners in Ukraine to provide a voice for those who do not have their own voice.

The intern will present the business community with options and reasons why they should become involved, gradually building up the numbers of those who care and are willing to dedicate some of their time in the aid of others.

The intern will organize presentations and meetings where the representative communities are given the opportunity to interact and present their abilities and working possibilities.
Organisation d'accueil : International Institute of Business
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : IIB strives to be the foremost Ukrainian business school and a national leader in executive education. It values creativity for individuals, companies and society through relevant and experience-based executive education; applied research and innovation in business management; tailoring the world's best management experience into Ukrainian practices; and providing proactive and client-oriented delivery.