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Community Micro-credit Program Coordinator

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development
Acronyme : ICAD
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD) was established in 1989 by a group of international development non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) concerned about the growing impact of HIV/AIDS in resource-poor communities in both developing countries and in Canada. ICAD's guiding principle has been that HIV/AIDS is more than a medical or health issue and its policies and programs have recognized that social and economic factors have a direct and severe impact on the vulnerability of individuals and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.
Adresse : 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 726
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1N 7B7
FAX: (613)  233-8361
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Personne ressource : Please consult the ICAD website for application information
Courriel : info@icad-cisd.com
Pays : Ghana
Ville : Assin Foso
Secteur : Banques et services financiers
Description du stage : The Good Samaritan HIV/AIDS Outreach Clinic has worked hard to implement a variety of programs for the testing, counseling treatment and care of people infected with HIV and living with AIDS as previously explained. One of the most difficult issues is to provide people and families affected by AIDS with economic opportunities in order that they can feed, clothe and educate their families in order to make the best possible environment in which to stay well and to keep families together.

Through local fund-raising, the Regina community (and beyond) has already donated nearly $4500 as seed money for the new community micro-credit facility the Clinic hopes to initiate. Small income generating projects such as small animal rearing and other ideas have already been generated by the community. The project focuses on setting up this new micro-credit facility, establishing the rules and regulations, creating the community ownership structure, developing application forms and processes and initiating the service in the community as well as setting up implementation processes and other mechanisms to sustain the facility.

In Canada
The main purpose of the internship is to develop the mechanisms necessary to implement a pilot micro-credit scheme to compliment the other activities for HIV/AIDS patients and families through the Good Samaritan HIV/AIDS Outreach Clinic in the Assin Foso District of Ghana. As well, the internship will support the objectives of the DOA Small Grants Project related to economic empowerment as well as human rights, gender equality for women and their families affected by HIV/AIDS.

The intern will undertake the following responsibilities:
1. Work with local Daughters of Africa project staff to become familiar with HIV/AIDS in African communities, the particular vulnerability of women and children and the objectives of the HIV/AIDS project currently being implemented.
2. Attend an orientation and training related to entrepreneurship and micro-credit as provided by local Regina women entrepreneurs including Greenough and Associates, a DOA project partner, the Women's Entrepreneurship Association of Regina and the University of Regina, Faculty of Business Administration.

1. Become familiar with the St. Francis District Hospital and the Good Samaritan HIV/AIDS Outreach Clinic and the services offered.
2. In cooperation with staff and community leaders, develop the organization required to implement a small micro-credit facility with a revolving fund.
3. Identify community ownership structure, develop job/volunteer positions and descriptions for various staff positions required.
4. Prepare application forms and processes for literate/non-literate entrepreneurs.
5. With assistance from Canada/DOA project staff, prepare a small training course for new entrepreneurs and borrowers related to managing finances, creating markets, costing and pricing goods (this course is already developed and used for other projects).
6. Prepare a sustainability mechanism including the regulatory, reporting functions required to provide for smooth functioning of the credit facility.
Organisation d'accueil : St. Francis Xavier Hospital, Good Samaritan HIV/AIDS Outreach Clinic
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : The Good Samaritans HIV/AIDS Outreach Clinic was established as part of St. Francis Xavier District Hospital in 1996 as part of hospital's pastoral care program. Funded initially by the Catholic religious order the Sisters Hospitaller, the Clinic has grown in its mandate and activities and now includes a number of both local Ghanaian donors as well as international organizations such as WHO, World Vision International. In Canada, the Clinic is supported by the Daughters of Africa, a local NGO in Regina, SK and the Holy Child Roman Catholic Church Social Justice Group in Regina. Other donors include the Ghana Catholic Relief Services and the Ghanaian Government's National AIDS Control program. In June 2006, the Daughters of Africa were awarded an HIV/AIDS Small Grant by the Canadian Society for International Health and the International Coalition on AIDS and Development. The Good Samaritan HIV/AIDS Outreach Clinic is one of the African organizations involved in this project.