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Resource Mobilization Manager

Statut : Comblé
Organisation : Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development
Acronyme : ICAD
Type : Organisme non gouvernemental
Mandat : The Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD) was established in 1989 by a group of international development non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) concerned about the growing impact of HIV/AIDS in resource-poor communities in both developing countries and in Canada. ICAD's guiding principle has been that HIV/AIDS is more than a medical or health issue and its policies and programs have recognized that social and economic factors have a direct and severe impact on the vulnerability of individuals and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.
Adresse : 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 726
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1N 7B7
FAX: (613)  233-8361
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Personne ressource : Please consult the ICAD website for application information
Courriel : info@icad-cisd.com
Pays : Zambie
Ville : Kabompo
Secteur : Politique en matière de population/santé et fertilité
Description du stage : Kabompo AIDS Programme in partnership with other stakeholders has championed implementation of Voluntary Counselling and Testing, Children support, Home Based Care, and community sensitization, targeting traditional leaders and the community with emphasis on Gender, Human rights, Stigma and Discrimination.

In Canada
1. Learn about the goals and activities of the Canadian and overseas host organizations.
2. Assist in the development of appropriate HIV/AIDS resources and evaluation tools, specifically for youth focused projects.

The internship position involves two main roles and responsibilities:
1. Resource Mobilization:
- Review, update, and maintain resource mobilization database
- Utilize funding opportunities through proposal writing
- Train staff on Resource Mobilization System

2. Advocacy and Networking:
- Develop and disseminate KAP educational materials
- Create a Communications Plan
- Build a website
- Train staff on Advocacy and Networking Plan
Organisation d'accueil : Kabompo AIDS Programme
Détails au sujet de l'organisation d'accueil : Kabompo AIDS Programme (KAP) is an NGO working towards preventing further spread of HIV in Kabompo. The organization is registered with registrar of societies in accordance with the Zambian law registration Number ORS/102/37/93. KAP is in partnership with Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT Zambia) in providing comprehensive HIV/AIDS package of Prevention, Children Affected By AIDS (CABA), Community Education and Counselling.